A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation to the victims who have been involved in an accident. The last thing one can do is to deal with the insurance company by yourself. This may result in a lower settlement than you deserve. In this article, we are going to consider the Gerber law firm which dedicates resources, energy, and skills to obtain justice for victims of accidents of all types by fully obtaining the compensation they need. It strives to ensure you have the quality aggressive legal representation you require.

How Can Gerber Law Help?

Contact A Lawyer When You Get Injured

They only work on personal injury cases by sitting down with the victim and determining how better it is to work with the insurance company and negotiate for higher pay. Gerber law firm also deals with death cases by working against third parties in personal injury claims which involve:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Nursing homes injuries
  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Children injuries
  • Boating accidents

Acts Of An Attorney

Experience With Local Courts

One needs to reconsider a lawyer during an accident claim. Below are some of the benefits:

1. Understand the claim processing

An experienced attorney offers legal knowledge to help negotiate a fair settlement for the losses. They fight with the insurance companies for higher compensation. According to Gerber law, they only represent the victims to ensure insurance companies do not treat them unfairly and deny their claims.

2. Protect your rights

Lawyers help in preventing the victims from signing anything which might be used by the insurance against their claims and rights to cover compensation.

3. Negotiation skills

Insurance companies tend to use ways to convince a victim to fall for a claim worth less than they deserve. Lawyers help to negotiate a fair and reliable settlement.

4. Accessing medical care

Some hospitals may refuse to attend to the injured victims because they may not be familiar with how to bill out with insurance companies. Lawyers usually work with doctors hence they can find someone to treat you.

5. Gathering evidence

They help in gathering evidence by procuring any police or incident reports. They track down witnesses to write their statements. Camera footage and other evidence help to determine the cause of the accident and the damages caused.

Types Of Compensation

Car accident compensation

There are different types of damages that a victim has suffered:

  1. Economic damages such as medical bills and loss of income
  2. Non-economic damages such as lack of enjoyment of life
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. Emotional distress
  5. Property damages

The Severity Of The Accident

The extent of the damage to the vehicle will determine the need to hire a lawyer. If it results in minor injuries or vehicle minor damages one may not want one.


Attorneys can guide you through the entire process and will be available whenever you require them to support your case. According to Gerber’s law, one won’t pay until the lawyer wins because they operate on a fee basis. If the lawyer fails to achieve the success of a case it frustrates the victims because of the money spent that did not prove to be rewarding.