The basis of the operation of the blockchain is to create a timeline of digital records by adding new blocks to a “chain of blocks.” Health, technology, finance, and banking-based organizations find this property of the blockchain very useful.

Several corporate finance-based organizations are trying to integrate blockchain-related services into their activities. A number of them are utilizing blockchain-based products like dApps, smart contracts, and many more.

Some of them also focus on helping their customers to invest in cryptocurrencies. Many investors are taking advantage of these blockchain stocks to get value from short and long-term digital assets.

If you plan to get decent returns from blockchain-related investments, the blockchain stocks from the following companies below are perfect options.

Blockchain Stocks To Buy In 2021



Square is a mobile fintech enterprise that allows peer-to-peer money transfers through Cash App. In 2018, it allowed its clients to start trading bitcoin. This step proved to be a move in the right direction for Square. The company’s gross profit and net revenue rose by 59% and 140% respectively.

In the last quarter of 2020, Square purchased digital assets with a worth of $5o million. This company also renders transaction services for small-scale businesses. Square Crypto, the company’s network of bitcoin developers, is working on innovations.

Recently, Square launched an online e-commerce store to help trading channels for marketers, merchants, and consumers. The company had a great fiscal year in 2020. Square is enjoying the benefits of embracing the future of financial transactions.



Mining new cryptocurrencies require immense hardware resources with efficient computing capabilities. For this reason, Nvidia has enjoyed huge benefits from rising Bitcoin prices.

This company specializes in the production of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for computers, gaming consoles, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems. Nvidia is one of the top manufacturers of this component.

Digital coin miners need high-quality GPUsto to validate blockchain transactions and get new tokens. Since people are turning to bitcoin mining, Nvidia is experiencing a surge in its Return on equity and annual profit margin.

The company has amassed revenues in the range of billions of dollars. In February 2021, Nvidia sold specialized processors to Ethereum and bitcoin miners.



Mastercard is a card processing company that has experienced serious growth as global transactions have become largely cashless. The company has made a deal with R3, a blockchain company to give the company an edge in fund transfers.

It is also working on its crypto card partner program to simplify the flow process of bringing payment cards to trades. The company aims to speed up and facilitate international transfers.

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IBM has not been enjoying massive growth compared to other tech companies in recent years. To combat this, the company has been making big moves to kickstart its growth in the cryptocurrency domain.IBM launched its blockchain in 2017.

Since then, IBM blockchain has worked on several projects. The company’s s blockchain has been rendering for True Tickets and Kroger. During the COVID-19 pandemic, IBM Blockchain helped its clients to create better market channels.

The company created Food Trust for companies like Walmart to stabilize their consumables supply link. If blockchain-related services gain a little more spotlight in the coming years, IBM will find itself on the positive side of things.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been dominating the tech media for over five years. Millionaires and professional investors have kept up their interest in digital coins. It seems that blockchain technology has to offer.

Tech and finance companies are beginning to integrate blockchain-related services into their ecosystem. If you invest in the crypto or blockchain stocks above, you can leverage the future revenue of those companies.

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