As we have stepped into the year 2021 and getting used to the new normal, it is time to find things that can make your life a little easier. And among many other things, cable TV is one of the necessities that we cannot ignore in the year 2021.

Since most of us are working from home or even if many are working on-site, people often go through a tough day at work considering the SOP regulations, social distancing, or stressful work. Everything combines and drains our energy at the end of the day. At this time, all we want is to sit back, relax and watch our favorite TV shows and movies.

However, this relaxation sometimes comes with a huge price tag that we have to pay to our cable TV providers. And because of this, some of us also think of cutting the cord.

But Wait!

There are ways to make this year more budget-friendly and for that, we are here to assist you in finding out the top cable TV providers that offer some exciting plans and can make your 2021 perfect.

So let’s dig in!

Top cable TV plans for you



There is no doubt that Spectrum is the country’s largest internet service provider (ISP). Plus, they have a wide range of plans that are not just diverse in features but are also quite accessible in terms of affordability. Apart from the internet they also offer a broad span of cable TV packages that are incredibly attractive.

Their cable TV plans have three categories that include Gold, Silver, and Select TV. It differs in terms of both the features and charges. You can choose any one of them according to your requirements and budget.

Plus, their high-quality packages such as Spectrum TV Silver include premium channels such as SHOWTIME and HBO that are free. So you can take advantage of such elements and enjoy your time in a budget-friendly manner.


This ISP offers all-around cheap packages, so if your priority is saving money then you can surely lean toward their amazing variety of offers that will help you spend your 2021 on a budget.

You can get all your streaming requirements in one place and have a huge variety of plans that you can get from as low as $39.95 per month.

Xfinity has so much to offer to its customers and that is one of the many reasons that it gains an advantage over its competitors. It offers you affordable plans, a wide range of channel lineups, and access to premium channels for free in their starter packages. What more can a person ask for?



This is one of the biggest and most admired regional internet service providers that offer amazing cable TV packages to their customers. The best thing about their cable TV services is that you can get these offers by combining them with affordable and high-speed internet packages.

You can get both the TV and internet services for as low as $114.99 per month with zero data caps and more than 130 options available in your favorite channels.

Moreover, some exciting plans are dedicated to your interests. For instance, you can get yourself a sports package from WOW! that includes all the best channels including ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports and so much more.

Cox Cable

Cox Cable

Did you know that Cox allows you to get more than 140 free HD programming channels for just $69.99 per month? This is one of the best-personalized options that you can ever receive from any cable TV provider. It also includes all the popular channels such as ESPN, MTV, Discovery, and much more.

You can also get a Cox Contour App that makes it easier for you to stream your favorite movies and shows on the go. Other similar packages are modified according to the needs of different customers.

So you can easily take your pick and experience the most fascinating service most conveniently to make your 2021 perfect.

In A Nutshell

All these packages and providers have their upsides which will benefit you in one way or the other. The best way to choose the one that will help you make this year more exciting is by comparing every package with your budget. The plan that fits perfectly with your needs is the one you should opt for right now!

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