Most homeowners have a love-hate relationship with their central air conditioning unit. They love when it’s working smoothly and keeps their home cool in the summer; however, they hate when things go wrong, and they get a massive bill for repairs.

Having an HVAC technician come out to your home can cost hundreds of dollars, which is a lot of money for the average American family. But you can save yourself money and avoid AC repairs by doing preventative maintenance every month.

Keep reading to learn how to care for your central AC unit and avoid those costly repair bills.

Top Five Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

When you take proper care of your AC, you ensure it’ll keep running properly for years to come. Here are five central air conditioner maintenance tips you should start doing right now:

1. Clean Your Unit Regularly

Most homeowners never think of cleaning their AC unit, but it’s crucial to keep the unit clear of any dust, pollen or other debris from your yard. When waste builds up around your unit, it restricts the airflow and can sometimes cause the system to overheat.

2. Change The Filter

The way to keep your AC system running is to ensure air is always flowing correctly. You can help ensure nothing is blocked by changing your filter regularly.

Check the air filter packaging for the exact time you need to change it out, but it is likely around 90 days. During the summer months, you might want to change it more frequently, since your AC unit is likely working hard to keep your home cool.

3. Remove Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

To help airflow more, make sure you cut back any plants or trees that are growing around your AC unit. These objects block airflow, which makes your unit work even harder to cool your home.

4. Give Your Unit a Break

When you’re using your AC in your home around the clock, it’s working hard to keep your home cool. Try assisting your HVAC system by keeping your home as cool as possible. Block out the sun with shades and keep windows closed when the AC is on.

These actions might seem small, but they will help you use your AC less.

5. Get Professional Help

Most homeowners only have professional HVAC technicians come out to their homes when there is a severe issue, or their AC unit stops working completely. This practice is a mistake because some preventative maintenance can prevent small problems from building up into a high cost.

Schedule a checkup with an HVAC pro to get it done right, and never try to fix AC issues on your own. You might end up doing more damage and creating a bigger headache for yourself.

Learn More About Proper Home Maintenance

Keeping your house cool and comfortable all year is crucial, so you need to take care of your AC unit.

Now that you know some central air conditioner maintenance tips, you shouldn’t neglect other areas of your home. Check out the rest of our website for some helpful home care tips.

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