The concept of fashion started the second humans started wearing clothes, which then evolved into patterns on fabrics, lastly turning into what we see today on runways and in stores. Playing with silhouettes, colors, and other elements to the eye makes fashion what it is.

Fashion and clothing differ depending on value, quality, cost, style, and ethics. When discussing ethical fashion and jobs in environmental sustainability, the first thing to come to mind in relation to fashion is the slander of fast fashion, since clothes production is quite detrimental.

The problem of fast fashion causing environmental harm is much more complicated than you think since not everyone can afford eco-friendly clothing, though thrifting is a solution many into vintage and environmentally sound habits prefer.

No matter what, online shopping is and will be popular for a while, and offers many options depending on your situation. One thing that has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years is shopping for clothes online.

Shopping for clothes online can be tricky since sizing varies by country and manufacturer, but nowadays many websites include charts with accurate measurements in centimeters to figure out what size of clothing you should buy from them.

Let’s go through what the most popular online clothing retailers are and why to choose them.



Arguably the largest and most popular clothing retailer you can find online is the British fashion and cosmetic retailer named ASOS. They have their own personal brand, which they sell, but they also sell the products of around 850 other brands, including big names like Nike, BOSS, Calvin Klein, etc.

The brand began by selling iconic clothing items as seen on the “big screen”. The name “ASOS” is the acronym of “As Seen On Screen”, thus the name.

The brand has had its ups and downs both financially and ethically, with at least two larger issues being brought to light regarding working conditions at their warehouses, but they have become better under stricter regulation, including not charging commission rates to sellers during the pandemic.

As a customer, ASOS is sure to please you. Not only is their website very transparent and easy to navigate, but their app also reflects the same pleasant qualities. The customer service and returns are very smooth flowing as well, with proper product descriptions backing them up.

The order arrivals have become extremely refined over the past seven years, and lost packages usually occur through local postal services rather than the services connected to ASOS.

The company sells both women’s and men’s clothing, including accessories and jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, and sportswear. They also offer outlet items for users to be able to save money.

The styles of clothing you have the chance to buy on ASOS range from extremely basic and casual to workwear, partywear, seasonal clothing, and so much more. Their styles are meant to appeal to general audiences.

Their sizing is also something worth mentioning since it includes petite sizes, plus size, maternity, and even clothing for tall individuals.



Zara is your answer as to what professional attire is since the clothes produced by Zara tend to be on the elegant, more refined side. There have been cases of Zara simply copying runway pieces and trends, thus making their clothes look more mature and haute couture, minus the quality.

The Spanish retailer also has physical stores you can visit worldwide, with them coming out with new collections seasonally. Their inventory does not only consist of clothing though since they also sell accessories like shoes and jewelry, as well as perfumes that are quite popular among customers.

Zara even has pet clothing now for your little furry family members to look as fashionable as you. The brand is already popular worldwide though, thanks to its focus on European fashion.

The issues with Zara usually boil down to customer service and problems with quality.

When checking for customer service reviews there have been hundreds of complaints on how horrible it is. Not only are employees often rude, but also on their customer service lines.

Many have complained about how they received the wrong packages and never got a refund nor a replacement, even when their ordered item was damaged. Zara’s refunding is also quite thwarted, with most never receiving refunds on items purchased online.

Their overall quality is mediocre and overpriced, but the styles are present for enthusiasts to purchase at a price cheaper than runway or couture.



This fashion retailer is UK-based and sells over 36,000 products on their website, which are all their own brand, though they do collabs with some bigger names.

The company is known for its cheap prices, which may be pleasant in the eyes of consumers, especially since they offer to search for clothing depending on your figure, just like ASOS, and also offer seasonal items and cosmetics.

They have maternity clothes, partywear, and tend to organize clothing on their website by style, for example, they have a “Chelsea boots” tab, making your shopping experience easier.

The downside to cheap items is the lack of quality in whatever you are ordering, but also ethical labor comes into play. Boohoo doesn’t disclose much about the way they run nor their ethics, receiving a 0-10% in the Fashion Transparency Index, so keep that in mind when buying.

Their delivery has had some issues, with next-day deliveries taking weeks to arrive, but their overall ratings are excellent. Their customer service is quick and helpful to aid you with missing parcels, returns, or any other issues you may encounter and are a joy to talk to in general.


Shein is a Chinese online fast-fashion retailer that became the most popular around 2020 through Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram. They trade in over 220 countries and offer all styles of clothing, including runway and couture dupes, for the cheapest price possible.

Similar to the massive retailing giant, H&M, they sell not only clothing for various figures, but also sell cosmetics and home items for example dining and cutlery sets, and other kitchen tools in general. They even have tech items like smartwatches listed, but their trustworthiness is up to you.

Shein has had a few controversies regarding trademark disputes, human rights and labor violations, and environmental and health doubts. Overall, their being is the essential fast-fashion retailer people tend to complain about.

Their ratings are average to mediocre, and here’s why.

Their customer service is quite unpleasant, and their items are exactly what you paid for. Most orders don’t even ship out nor arrive, and the others end up breaking or ripping, though the responsibility is on the buyer to realize whether a product is a scam or of bad quality.

These Are Top Current Online Clothing Retailers

As for the other half of ratings, they all are excellent due to the cheap prices and things arriving properly, as well as the items withstanding the toll life may take on them, so it is a hit or miss with their products, meaning your experience depends on what you order, and probably from where.