When it comes to hunting, you could spend a lifetime scoping out different spots in the USA. From the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters, you’ll find a range of wildlife from whitetails, waterfowl and wild pigs to apex predators like cougars and bears. It would take years to add the entire biodiversity of the country to your trophy cabinet.

But for the hardened outdoorsman, there’s a world of temptations waiting to be discovered. Without further ado, here’s our bucket list of the best hunting locations on planet earth.

1. South Africa

South Africa is globally recognized as one of the top destinations for big game trophy hunting, not least because of its excellent global transport links, magnificent sprawling savannah game reserves and teeming biodiversity.

Its largest game reserve, the Kruger National Park, is ever so slightly larger than New Jersey, stretching to an enormous 19,485 square kilometers. The country is home to favorite trophy animals such as the cape buffalo, the elephant and the king of animals, the lion. Look here for other exotic species such as the Gerenuk, the Situanga and the Lesser Kunduk.

2. Argentina

Argentina is home to one of the best regulated hunting industries in the world, with luxurious accommodation options. Some of the most popular animals to hunt here are pigeons, doves and waterfowl. For hunters seeking a more serious challenge, stags, buffalo and even the country’s national animal, the puma, are all fair game.

The scientific reason Argentina is such a good hunting destination is that it runs right down to the bottom of the South American continent. As the last large land mass before Antarctica, it’s a haven for biodiversity. Its proximity to the southernmost continent also means it’s home to some serious cold weather, so remember to get heavy duty cold weather gear made from merino wool from a reputable supplier like SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear before you venture out into the Patagonian wildernesses.

3. Belarus

When you think of exotic hunting locations, Europe probably isn’t the first continent that springs to mind. But Belarus’s flat, marshy and extensively forested landscape makes it a prime candidate for exciting big game hunting. Alongside the country’s national animal – the European Bison – you’ll find elk, red and roe deer, wild boar and even the elusive European wolf.

The country’s 11,000 blue lakes are also a fisherman’s paradise, brimming with crucian carp,  pike-perch and bream.

4. Central Asia

Asia has traditionally been more of a closed shop when it comes to tourism and hunting is no exception to this. However, the region has opened up over the past decade or so with previously little-known countries like Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan drawing in hunters with their mountainous terrain. These countries are a mountain hunter’s paradise and boast the world’s largest wild sheep, the Marco Polo Argali, not to mention dozens of ibex, the Caucasus Mountains tur, enormous red stags and roe deer, and the large Asian brown bear. 

5. Canada

A little closer to home, Canada’s vast and unspoiled natural landscapes are home to glorious flora and fauna. There are plenty of options for hunters including world-renowned white-tail hunting in Ontario, caribou hunting in Newfoundland, and hunting British Columbia’s dense population of bull moose. 

Those seeking a serious adventure can head right into the north of the country. The Yukon is home to gigantic moose, not to mention more unusual animals such as the arctic fox, traditional seal and even the beluga whale.

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