Not all of us have a chance to attend Clinique to get in-person therapy to solve various mental issues, especially during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Technologies made it possible to launch online therapy services with certified professionals to support people during difficult times.

It is possible to obtain quick and quality help without leaving your home via video conferences, phone, or text messages (live chats). Below, you can find information about fifteen online providers that offer this sort of service to people who suffer from loneliness, depression, anxiety, bad relationships, teen problems, and more.

1. Talkspace – No. 1 Service for Ordering Therapy


  • Unlimited messaging;
  • The most visited therapy service;
  • 3,000+ qualified professionals;
  • Help for teens and LGBTQ+.


  • Is rather expensive ($65-$99 weekly);
  • No immediate sessions once you sign up.

The local therapists focus on problems of prodigies in the first place. However, they also help to solve other family issues and even prevent divorces and runaways. It is enough to pass a sign-up process that contains all the necessary questions to match you with the most suitable expert. The minimum fee that you pay here per week is sixty-five dollars. At the same time, despite the high price, you may use your EAP insurance.

2. Calmerry: Feel calm with Online Counseling

Online Therapy Services

The goal of this website is to prevent people from having depression, anxiety, misunderstandings between family members, etc.

Services Offered: Text Messaging and Video Sessions

Everything is pretty simple. You have to create your personal account and can have text/video sessions with a therapist assigned.

To sum up, Calmerry can be described by many features. Here’s the recap of the points we have gathered about this new service:

  • Great option for cost-conscious customers
  • Therapists are highly experienced and thoroughly background-checked
  • HIPAA-compliant platform with text and video sessions available
  • Therapists work with a wide range of issues
  • Support is responsive and helpful
  • You are able to switch therapists anytime

3. – Best Free Online Counseling for Everyone


  • Free trial present;
  • Great variety of instruments;
  • Different types of the chat;
  • Still cheap.


  • Is not 24/7;
  • Requires payments after a few sessions.

If you are looking for something affordable, perhaps, it is time to look at this alternative. They will not charge you initially. It is an excellent idea if you have never used online therapy services before. It is an opportunity to check how it works and decide whether it is okay for you.

The local certified pros will help with your marriage issues, eating disorders, bad habits, stress, etc. They will motivate you to keep on developing instead of getting stuck half the way. The price varies from $32 to $64.

4. AmWell – Top-Preferred Service of Young and Aged Couples

Online Therapy Services


  • Quality psychiatry services;
  • A pool of experts;
  • Round-the-clock support;
  • Telemedicine service;
  • Ability to choose a therapist.


  • Rather expensive;
  • Just real-time sessions;
  • Technical issues with the website.

Telemedicine is a rare yet practical approach to providing psychological therapies and support. The team of this company consists of professional psychologists and social workers that understand that everyone might need help.

One video session will last for about 45 minutes, and it is enough for many users who have already tried this service. You will see the full list of experts’ portfolios. You can choose a counselor on your own and get in touch 24/7.

7 Cups – Therapists That Everybody Can Afford to Hire


  • Teenage listeners;
  • Personal therapist for $150 monthly;
  • Original concept.


  • Problems with rogue listeners;
  • No health insurance accepted.

If you feel okay with a non-certified professional who is still trained to listen to people and support them, you will not have to pay a cent for this service. On the website, there are more than 300,000 specialists who will support you and provide pieces of advice at no charge.

Also, you can find almost 200 qualified therapists at a price of 150 dollars per consultation. Try the free option first, and decide whether it is enough to solve your problem or increase confidence.

6. BetterHelp – Excellent Choice for Teenagers and Families

Online Therapy Services


  •  Various methods of therapy;
  • LGBTQ services;
  • Teen special hotline.


  • $80 per week – not cheap;
  • Not easy-to-use;
  • Difficult to cancel.

This site deals with many types of therapies, including Humanistic, Gestalt, and CBT. If you are not sure which option to choose, you may first run a free trial. It is almost useless, with no advanced features, but you will get an overall picture and realize what you need.

Depressions, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and problems with marriage – that is what this site tries to solve. If you pay for the entire year, you will save plenty of money as it costs only thirty-five dollars. Thus, it makes sense to switch to the paid subscription ASAP.

7. – Best for Immediate Reaction to Your Queries


  • Live video chats
  • 24/7 available support
  • Same-day therapies possible


  • Relatively expensive ($129 monthly)
  • No insurance plans accepted

This service stands out from other similar websites thanks to its complete courses in psychology. The therapists with vast experience will explain how to overcome stresses and prevent yourself from severe mental disorders.

Services that offer online therapy are officially registered and possess all the necessary licenses to operate (at least those mentioned in this article). These websites are also safe, and the local professionals possess degrees and certificates proving their competence.

Does User’s Information Remain Private?

All of the personal info that you share with online therapy services remain secured and anonymous. No one will ever find out that you have used them unless you say it. Many benefits set up special encryption codes to guarantee your confidentiality.

How to Pick a Consultant on the Internet?

The primary factor is the price. If you are tight on budget, select demo/trial versions of the service first. They have limited functionality, but it is enough to understand whether the service meets your expectations. Here is the average pricing list for you:

  • 7 Cups is about $35 weekly
  • TalkSpace is $65-$99 weekly
  • is $32-$64 weekly
  • Ginger is roughly $33-$87 weekly
  • BetterHelp is $35-$80 weekly
  • AmWell is offered at $99-$110 for one session

As a rule, most of the therapy services change their fees once per week or month. Check the prices in the corresponding sections to be informed. On some websites, it’s possible to negotiate the fee with the chosen therapists.

Another critical factor is the number of available specialists. Usually, something around 200 is more than enough. However, if the specific site is overloaded with requests, you may have to wait when one of the therapists will be free or look for another service.

After all, not so many people choose to work in teams or focus groups; most of them come to such services to get face-to-face help. If you want to get the right person from the first try, choose TalkSpace, which is fairly the best provider of online therapies today.

Set up the goals and priorities. What do you plan to achieve with the sessions? What type of person are you looking for? It all matters, so be serious and attentive. Create a list of factors that matter for you. Those could be:

  • National identity;
  • Religion;
  • LGBTQ+;
  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Disability.

For example, a representative of the LGBTQ+ movement will better understand a lesbian or transsexual than a straight male or female.

What Are the Main Pros of Online Therapies?

The difference between traditional in-person and online therapies is not significant today. Remote services offer such benefits as:

  • Affordable prices and bonuses;
  • Confidentiality and security;
  •  Inclusivity;
  • Convenience;
  • Increased confidence.

So, Which Service Is the Best One?

Calmerry corresponds to almost all factors that a promising therapy service should possess. However, it might appear a bit expensive for some people. Thus, you can always try services with free options before buying packages. In any case, online therapies are cheaper than in-person sessions.

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