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Top Reasons to Immigrate to Canada in 2021

Canada is rated the second-biggest economy in the world. For people wanting to migrate, it has become a renowned country of choice.

Canada is attractive because it has large uninhabited areas, busy cities, a universal atmosphere, and various employment opportunities for skilled workers. Canada also has a tradition of accepting and integrating refugees.

In 1913, 401,000 immigrants were admitted to Canada, the record for immigration was set, accounting for more than 5 percent of all new arrivals. Today, the same 5 percent of new admissions would mean that there are about 2 million new immigrants moving to Canada.

There are many reasons why it is an ideal time for Canadian immigration. As we know, the process of obtaining a Canadian visa has not suffered much during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Not only that, but the pandemic has not disrupted the supply chain of goods to Canada, which means the country is not short of goods and related services.

Moreover, the Canadian government took swift action to prevent the virus from spreading at the community level. Let’s discuss the additional factors that attract immigrants to Canada.

Top Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Canada Needs Immigrants

The Government of Canada welcomes immigrants to settle because it is in need of skilled employees with the expertise and experience to fill the skills void in their industries.

Since most of the current qualified workers are from the Boer generation, Canada faces a shortage of skilled workers, meaning they will retire shortly, and businesses will need human resources to take over.

Also, Canada is one of the world’s oldest countries, with more than 18 percent of the population aged 65 and over and the world’s lowest birth rate. Unfortunately, Canada’s population is not growing at the pace needed to substitute those who are retiring.

The country is therefore looking to foreign workers as substitutes. It allows migrants to come to Canada and work. It is important for immigrants to complement the workforce and encourage their economic development.

Target One Million, New immigrants, 2021

The current immigration strategy envisages over one million new permanent residents in Canada between 2020 and 2023.

Most of these immigrants will be economic migrants coming from various federal and provincial programs, such as the Provincial Nominee Program as well as the Federal Skilled Worker Class.

Immigrants are considering Canadian immigration policy, which includes long-term arrangements related to Canada’s demographic composition, growth, key industries, and new immigrants’ attractiveness in local centers. The factors mentioned above attract interest from immigrants to Canada.

Work Opportunities In Canada

Canada provides work permits that allow permanent employees, temporary employees, students, and others to work in Canada. Before applying for a Work Permit Visa, you should have a job offer.

You can do the following with a work permit visa:

  • Work for the employer listed on your application
  • Submit a visa application for dependent persons
  • Earn in dollars
  • Travel around the country
  • Apply for PR-visa later

Also, there are three categories of open work permits that can be applied for:

  • Unlimited open work permit
  • Open permission to work with a restricted profession
  • Restricted work permit

An unlimited open work permit allows a foreigner to travel around Canada and work anywhere they wish. An open work permit with a restricted occupation allows a person to work for any employer, but only for a specific job. A restricted work permit means that a person may change employers, but not their workplace.

Success as an immigrant in seeking employment depends on the type of job. Before you arrive, you should have prior work experience and a legitimate job offer for work-related skilled labor. Applicants should confirm, or, if necessary, retrain, Canadian specifications for a specific industry.

Canada also offers options for those who have their own business. Entrepreneurs can explore a so-called Canada Business Visa that possibly would make them eligible to run a business while living in the Great White North.

Canada Has Many Study Opportunities

For international students, Canada has become a popular place. In 2019, the government announced an allocation of $148 million to attract more international students for the following five years.

In 2018, 14,338 university students were surveyed by the CBIE which stands for Canadian Bureau of International Education. This was to determine the growing popularity of Canada among foreign students.

Top Reasons Why Canada Is Chosen By Foreign Students

  • Standard of the Canadian system of education
  • The inclusive and impartial characteristics of the Canadian communities
  • An environment that is safe
  • Having the right program

Working While Studying

International students may work while studying at a Canadian university. They may work either on or off-campus on a part-time basis for 20 hours per week during an academic session and full-time during vacation periods.

Canada also offers postgraduate or PGWP work permits for international students. PGWP permits international students to work in the country for up to three years after graduation.

Work experience gained through the PGWP is a major benefit when applying for immigration at the federal or provincial level, typically for 60 percent of international students. This finding is based on an annual survey of international students conducted by the Canadian Bureau of International Education.

Post-Study Job Opportunities

If you study in Canada, you have a chance of finding a good job, especially if your field is related to information technology or STEM. The Canadian provinces, especially Quebec, offer several employment options.

P.R. Visa Options

For migrants who want to come to the country on a Permanent Residence visa in Canada, there is a structured and well-regulated procedure. The period of validity of a P.R. The visa is for five years, which can be extended later.

Although the P.R. visa does not make you a Canadian citizen, as a holder of this visa, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You may apply for Canadian citizenship in the future
  • You are able to work, live and study anywhere in Canada
  • You are entitled to medical and other social benefits that are available to Canadians
  • Protection under Canadian law.

You should only apply for a P.R. visa if you are a student or worker from another country living in Canada.

Canada offers different immigration programs to apply for a P.R. visa. However, each program has its requirements and application process. Some popular programs for applying for a P.R. visa are:

  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Canada uses the point system to determine if you are eligible for a P.R. visa. This system is known as the Comprehensive Rating System or CRS.

Support For Immigration

There has always been broad support for immigrants in Canada because citizens believe that immigration brings diversity and multiculturalism to the country and is crucial to its long-term economic growth.

With its immigrant-friendly government, abundant employment opportunities, excellent facilities for international students, and various P.R. visa application options, Canada has a good reason to be recognized as the best country to immigrate to in 2021.

However, there are so many programs and paths to choose from that one can easily get tangled. The immigration process also requires gathering and preparation of several documents, and making a mistake could cost dearly – time and money. That is why immigrants refer to specialists called RCIC, who help them make immigration easier.

It’s A Safe And Peaceful Place To Live

According to the World Population Survey, Canada is among the ten most peaceful and safe countries globally. Quebec is currently the safest city in Canada, where you can live if you want to move to Canada in 2021.

Thousands of people who immigrate to Canada avoid internal conflicts, political instability, and high crime rates that affect their countries. In a 2018 Gallup survey, 84 percent of Canadians said they feel safe in their country.

It Is Cheaper To Move To Canada

Moving abroad in 2021 can cost a family of four people about $16,300. When it comes to immigration, you need to pass various tests and examinations, such as English language testing, accreditation for foreign qualifications, medical examinations, criminal background checks, and employment verification.

In addition to these tariffs, each government charges its immigration application fee. You will need to hire a visa agency to make sure your money is not wasted and your application is successful.

Here are some estimates in Canadian dollars (CAD) for visas and no household items, depending on where you live:

  • CAD16 813 for Australia
  • CAD14 520 for New Zealand
  • CAD 13 758 for the U.K.
  • CAD 6 115 for Canada.

Estimated costs in Canadian dollars (CAD) for visas with household items (three-bedroom house and pet) depending on location:

  • CAD 22 882 for Australia
  • CAD 21 357 for New Zealand
  • CAD 20 595 for the U.K.
  • CAD 15 255 for Canada.

To Sum Up

While popular destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom offer immigrants a chance for a better life, there is one country that stands out from the rest, Canada!

Unlike many other countries, Canada is not undesirable or has a ton of bureaucratic politics. Canada is a country built on immigration. Since 1608, people have migrated to Canada.

If you need one good reason to move to Canada in 2021, hopefully, the top reasons we have discussed have helped!

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