Boxing is an awesome sport that requires as much physical as it does mental prowess. However, whether you’re new to the sport or have been boxing your entire life, it can be frustrating to find your skills aren’t where you want them to be.

These are the top ways to become a better boxer, and why each works!

Study Ways to Increase Your Endurance

Boxing is an incredibly physical sport.  The importance of getting in better hits to the length of these flights ensures your arms and entire body will be screaming in protest: you have to get used to the pain of simply fighting.

The best way to do this is to fight again and again, but it’s also to ensure that your form is set up to give you the best skill possible.  Whatever your form is: make sure it’s set to protect you while giving you an in.

Pay Attention to Your Balance for Becoming a Better Boxer

Pay Attention to Your Balance

When boxing, you’ll take a lot of hits and have to dodge or workaround countless more.  It’ll quickly become apparent that minding your balance matters.

When training to increase your skill, focus heavily on your foot placement, how connected you stay to the ground, and how strong a punch you can take before it knocks you off of your balance.  The more you can balance, the better you’ll do.

Put in the Hours of Practice Needed

Becoming a better boxer means having an extremely in-depth understanding of your body and what it needs.  The best way to perfect this is by putting in the work hours necessary to build up your skill.

Instead of boxing against a person that entire time, you can trade-off between that and a home punching bag until you find a perfect medium.  It’s important to remember that time will increase your skills, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t start where you want to.

Don’t Workout Until Burn Out

Don't Workout Until Burn Out

Some athletes incorrectly assume that the only way to get better is to push your limits until you can’t force them anymore.  Although there are clear reasons why this idea appeals to some athletes, it’s a terrible thing to do for your body.

Working out until burnout can cause new injuries, worsen old ones, and make learning where your limit is difficult. Instead, listen to your body; when you’re training, stop before you hurt yourself.

Keep Your Emotions Out of the Ring

Some people think that they fight better when angry, but being emotional in the ring is a liability.  It’s a better idea to work through your emotions before you fight and focus on calculating each punch and returning it as skillfully as possible.

This can take time and a high level of emotional intelligence, but it’s worth it to win.

Boxing is an Incredible Sport to Stay With

Boxing is an Incredible Sport to Stay With

Whether you’ve boxed for years or you’re brand new to the sport, boxing is one of the best ways to work your brain and body at the same time.

Not only do you get a high level of stress relief, but you also get to improve constantly until you reach what level you want!

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