Making the decision to sell your home is only the first step – now is the moment to tactically upgrade elements of your house or apartment in order to sell your property for the best price. One way to do so is by turning your house into a loft, and you can start by searching for loft conversion Clapham to explore your options. Whether you will be renovating entire rooms or simply freshening up the paintwork in your home, selling a property involves a lot of consideration and it is imperative that you understand what people are looking for from a new house. Put simply, the majority of potential buyers would like to find a property that will require minimum building work and updating. Therefore you will be able to ask for a higher price for your home if you do this work in advance. You will also have an advantage over similar properties in your area that are also on the market. Here are some of the most important things to remember when you are selling your home.

Update The Decor

It is important that your home is not full of outdated furniture and tired wallpaper. When you are decorating your home with the purpose of selling it in mind, it is important that you make sure that you add contemporary touches without adding too much of your own personality. Replace family photos and artwork by your children with tasteful potted plants and neutral hues. Your objective is to showcase your home to become a desirable future for any potential buyers. There is a very delicate balance that you must strike because you do not want to give the idea that your home is unfriendly or that it lacks coziness. Updating the paint, work surfaces, and upholstery are very low-cost ways to add a lot of value to your home in a universally attractive way.

Upgrade Your Tech

Potential homebuyers will be very impressed if your home contains all the latest modern conveniences and is hooked up and ready to go. It will not take long to research for a “licensed electrician near me” and get a quote to upgrade substandard electrical systems to attract any potential buyers. Smart home appliances are becoming increasingly popular and, if your budget permits, it could increase the value of your property to fit some of these digital devices and separate your property from the rest. Similarly, small details will either interest potential buyers or repel them from your property. Fitting the latest technological devices is not very expensive, and they have the potential to work in your favor for modern property searchers. 

Add Value with a Conversion

You have the potential to significantly increase the value of your property if you carry out some simple building work before putting it on the market. It is advisable to get a quote for building work such as loft conversions, basement conversions and kitchen renovations, and calculate the potential price of your property before and after the building work. 

As previously mentioned, the majority of potential buyers do not want to carry out a lot of building work when they buy a property. Therefore, if you carry out the work before putting your house on the market, it will become much more attractive. It is worth considering whether it will be cost-effective and if your budget does not stretch to building work it may be in your interest to apply for planning permission and use this as a potential selling point instead. 

Create an Experience

On the day that potential homebuyers arrive at your property it is important to remember that tidying the property is not enough to sell it. To create a homely ambiance may take a significant amount of time and effort on your behalf, but you are selling a lifestyle in addition to simply a home. Your role is to demonstrate the potential for domestic bliss that your home offers. 

Some things to consider on the day potential homebuyers arrive include: 

  • Smells – make sure you have a pot of coffee on the stove or bake just before they arrive.
  • Small touches – fresh flowers and candles will contribute pretty touches to the ambiance of your home
  • Warmth – light a fire to spark a cozy atmosphere in your living room
  • Cleanliness – clean and polish windows and glass around your home to make it appear larger

There are a variety of ways you can showcase your home in the best possible way on the day that potential buyers arrive, it often requires some creative thought and imagination – but making it feel like a home will encourage visitors to imagine themselves in your home.

There are a wide variety of ways you can prepare your property for the market but by following a few basic principles you should be able to significantly increase its value before potential buyers arrive.

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