Online sports betting industry has grown significantly over the past one decade. Many online bookmakers have adopted the mobile first approach, and are doing everything possible within their means to innovate as well as stay in control of the industry trends.

Live betting

Although not a new trend, the popularity of in-play or live betting will continue its march northwards in the future as well. Mobile live betting in particular will witness plenty of action. It will become increasingly important for top sports betting sites to deliver good user experience to the punters. With the rising popularity of in-play betting, there will be a corresponding increase in the available markets too.

Next occurrence and instant betting markets will continue their stronghold amongst the customers as they settle fairly quickly. To throw more light on these bets, the application of VAR technology in major football leagues, especially the English Premier League has posed a new set of challenges for the operators. As a result, they are having to settle the markets in the quickest manner possible.

Quick settlement markets like next occurrence, instant betting etc.

Punters today are keen on indulging in markets that can be settled fairly quickly, the reason why in-play and mobile betting are receiving so much action. That’s also the reason why markets like next occurrence and instant betting will increase in popularity going forward.

Next occurrence markets are about predicting the happenings within the next minute while instant betting is about betting on every single point, for instance in tennis matches.

Player specials and markets

Everyone is witnessing the trend of player markets and specials growing in popularity, particularly for famous players like Mohamed Salah, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and more. It’s extremely heavy when it comes to big stars and is expected to continue that way going forward. The spike in popularity of player specials and markets is also because of fantasy sports that are very player-specific.

sports betting industry

Bet building

With the market selections becoming more and more common amongst the online bookmakers, Bet Builder feature has proven to be an excellent addition for the sports books. It enables customers to create their own bets. This has become particularly popular in major stand-alone events such as Champions League final, big international clashes or Premier League kick-off that feature matches one at a time. The prediction is that this product will become even more popular in the times to come.


As also highlighted above, the market selections are becoming more and more common amongst bookmakers, the reason why there will be greater focus on personalisation in the future. A well-thought-out UX allows sports bettors to locate markets, events and leagues they might be interested in betting on. There is a need of striking the right balance between AI-usage (for showing specific markets to the punters) and giving them the choice to customise bets based on their needs.

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