You probably have some shatter with you, and you wonder how to get it into your Pen to vape. Great! It’s simpler than you ever imagined if you want to turn shatter into e-juice. Since you enjoy taking Cannabis extracts vapor, wouldn’t you try to learn how to Do It Yourself vape juice recipes? It saves you a lot of time and money, especially when you’ll be very sure that quality is certain.

Turn Shatter Into Vape Juice Recipes: 4 Easy Steps

It is so inconvenient for most people who used to carry dab rig all around to enable them to take the extracts. This has proved ineffective, especially if we are talking about Marijuana lovers that take it in doses like drugs. Using a Vape pen has reduced this inconvenience due to its portability and ease of access everywhere, every time.

One of the valid reasons why you need to try vape pens is due to their flavors. Your final e-juice recipes will have the original taste of the shatter used. Also, depending on the flavor you use, vape pens produce so many flavors that make your vape guide recipes taste like a fruit drink.

Also, you should know that it is cost-effective to turn to shatter into e-juice on your own because you’re likely to save much on cost.

So, What is Shatter?

Shatter is a glass-like golden substance that is derived from Cannabis. It is a unique derivative that is mostly preferred over all other forms of Cannabis extract.  Shatter is hard and has a translucent property, which gives it a glass-like appearance.

It has a special texture and can be easily described as a Cannabis concentrate that breaks and shatters like glass, hence the name “Shatter.” Shatter was detected in 2010, and it remains one of the most acceptable forms of marijuana products in the market today. It is thus a potent way for Cannabis addicts to vape as e-juice recipes.

How To Turn Shatter into Vape Recipes

Turning shatter into vape recipes is a less demanding process, and it may take you less than 15 minutes if you follow this guide. The good thing about shatter is that; no matter what physical state you have your shatter, whether your shatter is in liquid or solid form, you can always use it to make your E-Juice without spending a fortune.

The first prerequisite is to have your pure, top-notch shatter which you want to turn to e-juice. The required quantity depends mainly on the amount of vape recipes you want to have for yourself.

Preparation of Vape Juice Recipes

However, it does not necessarily need to be in large quantities. Even if you have 0.5 grams of shatter, you can always make something out of vape juice recipes.

Step 1: Material Preparation

The materials you need for your E-juice preparation are not far-fetched. You need to have the main ingredient ready, the shatter. Other materials you will need for this process are liquidizers and your flavoring agent.

Your liquidizer is usually a combination of Poly Ethylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin mixed in appropriate proportion. Your flavoring agent, on the other hand, is mostly Terpenes, as this gives your E-juice recipes a special taste and flavor.

Step 2: Tools Preparation

You need no complex tools for this process. All you need is a heat source (this could be your microwave or anything of such), boiling glass, Stirrer, Blunt tip Syringe and the Vape Pen.

Step 3: Prepare your E-Juice

Now that you have everything ready to prepare your E-Juice recipes through this simple process, feel free to follow this guide.

  • Measure 1 Gram of Shatter and put it in the boiling glass. Now add 1 ml of liquidizer to the same boiling glass. You can check out your liquidizer label to see if this mixing ratio is in line with what they recommend. Apart from that, the final viscosity you want to have for your E-juice is also a determinant to the amount of liquidizer you should use.
  •  Mix thoroughly and then put it on the heat source for about 10 seconds.
  • Stir vigorously again until your E-Juice recipes is homogeneous and ready for use.

Step 4: Store your Product in the Vape Pen

Now, you have your vape recipes already done. The next thing is to store it in your vape pen with the aid of a blunt tip syringe. Store your vape juice recipes in your vape and know more from our cannabis section for vape at well.