Many Australians still use an over-the-air antenna to access free local channels. Such antennas allow access to local TV stations. In some areas, residents are able to access market channels that are not offered by cable channel providers TV antenna installation guide.

TV Antenna Installation Guide

Using an antenna, you can get reliable digital signals without having to pay for high definition services with digital streaming.

Installing a TV antenna may be easy, but getting the perfect TV signals is a different ball game. You need to place the antenna in the right manner to get the clearest digital TV signals.

A Guide for TV Antenna Installation in Australia

Installing a TV antenna in the Land Down Under is anything but easy. Β You need to place the antenna perfectly to get a good reception.

However, the high-rise buildings and other metallic structures in major cities make it difficult to get strong TV reception. These block the line of sight to the main transmitter that makes TV antenna installation guide a challenging task.

TV signals coverage is another problem. The signals are weak in areas that are on the edge of the coverage limits. After the switch to digital signals, TV services are grouped into location-specific frequencies. So, your location will determine which signals you can receive using an over-the-air antenna.

Best Placement for the TV Antenna

You need to place the antenna in the direction of the broadcasting site. This will provide the best coverage, allowing you to get optimum signal strength. Your TV receiver should also be properly tuned according to the direction of the antenna.

Another important point to note regarding TV antenna installation is that the satellite should point towards the proper polarisation. Broadcast signals are transmitted horizontally or vertically. The placement of the antenna should match the polarisation of the signals.

Keep it Near the TV Tower

If you can see the TV tower, you should simply point the antenna at the towers. In case the TV antenna is not visible, you should look at where the other antennas in your area are pointing and point your antenna accordingly. There is a good chance that you will get a good signal.

There is another way to know where to point the over-the-air antenna. You can use the mySwitch online app to find out digital reception TV antenna installation guide across Australia.

The app allows you to view the quality of TV channel reception in your area. You can also resolve reception issues using the online application. Using the application, you can know how to best place your antenna to get the clearest reception TV antenna installation guide.

mySwitch online app will show you your location on your mobile screen. You can move your mobile phone to know the right bearing for the best TV reception. The app will show an orange colour where the signal is weak and a green colour whenever the signal is strong. Grey colour will be shown is there is no signal.

Just move your antenna in the direction where the mobile is pointing with a green signal, and you are good to go TV antenna installation guide.

What If You Have Weak Signals?

If you reside in an area with a weak TV signal, you can install a signal booster to boost the signals.

A masthead amplifier can boost weak signals. The amplifier takes in the weak signal received through the over-the-air antenna and sends out a strong signal. It connects with the TV using the coaxial cable.

Buy Screened and Unscreened Masthead Amplifier

You have the option of buying a screened and unscreened masthead amplifier. Consider a screened version instead of an unscreened model. The reason is that an unscreened amplifier is susceptible to impulse interference from the house wiring. In addition, a masthead with a 4G signal is also recommended. This feature will prevent picture breakup due to interference with the nearby 4G phone masts.

However, you should note that the signals received using boosters are susceptible to interference even with a filter. There is no option to get clear signals when using a booster to catch weak signals for TV antenna installation guide.

What If You Have No Signals?

All is not lost if you live in an area with no TV signals. The Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) allows viewers located in remote areas for user experience to receive digital signals for TV antenna installation guide.

With the VAST service, you can get access to all the commercial TV channels in Australia. However, you need to purchase a separate setup box and satellite dish to avail this option and TV antenna installation guide.