For Accidental death of Policeman by hitting and collision of car , two Men are arrested for this act.

On Monday due to the dangerous driving of the two at the Sutton roads are arrested for traffic rule violation and hitting the police officer by car.

In Details:

Due to rush driving of these two caused sudden death of traffic police office at the spot, PC Andrew Duncan was checking the speed of the cars at Sutton, south London at the Friday morning at the heavy traffic time. On Sunday he becomes died after fighting with life. This accident was happened at junction of Reigate Avenue.

Gary Cody age of 25 is remanded for traffic violation, caught at South Norwood by South Western Magistrates and was charged for breaking traffic rules by rush driving.

Mr Cody is also charged for driving car without car insurance; court has charged him for fine and traffic ticket.

Now after remanding these two men, on Monday two more men caught for traffic violation, they age of 19 and 20 and were driving crazily at the roads. They can’t bailed before October dates.

After the death of policeman traffic checking is now very tight no one can be escaped from the eye of law. Women, men and adults are get charged for the rush driving and any traffic violation.

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