Are you looking to add a minor nature to your outdoor space?

Many Americans prefer to spend most of their free time outdoors. The crisp air and natural light get us away from our urban dwellings.

Fountains can trick the mind into thinking you live in a nature preserve. When there aren’t loud cars and howling animals, that is!

It is esthetically pleasing, peaceful, and a great way to add sound to your space. If you’re interested in making this next purchase, you’re likely asking yourself a few questions.

Since there are so many, how do you know which suits you and your space? Keep reading to learn more about the different types of garden fountains below!

1. Wall Fountains

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are an excellent way of transforming your outdoor space by adding tranquility to the environment. These fountains come in various sizes and styles, ranging from large, decorative designs to smaller, minimalist pieces.

You can decorate a patio, backyard garden, or outdoor space with wall fountains. The water can flow from the upper part down a pillar or into a minor basin. An exciting feature is that you can have a self-contained fountain with its own water reservoir, pump, and filtration system or combine it with an existing pool, lake, or pond.

2. Cascading Fountains

Cascading Fountains

Cascading are garden fountains with a gentle, calming sound and come in various designs and sizes, from small birdbaths to tall waterfall fountains. It is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

They are gorgeous to look at, and the sound of rushing water has a soothing effect. The trickling sound also blocks unwanted noise from busy streets and neighbors.

Installing a cascading fountain is an easy way to bring life and beauty to your outdoor area. Plus, because many models come with LED lights, they can offer a magical and calming look even in the evening. With its versatility and exquisite beauty, a cascading fountain can be a great way to create a beautiful, peaceful environment in your outdoor spaces.

3. Tier Fountains

Tier Fountains

Tier fountains are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Whether the area is a garden, patio, terrace, or backyard, these fountains add a touch of sophistication and class that any visitor will appreciate. These can range from simple and traditional to complex, ornamental designs.

They will transform your outdoor space no matter which type you opt for. The sound of the cascading water is soothing, creating a peaceful oasis of beauty.

Careful placement of tier fountains can also draw attention to other features and focal points in the garden. Large two-tier or three-tier designs can be the show-stopping centerpiece, while you can use smaller pieces to create visual interest and intrigue.

4. Bubbling Rock Fountains

Bubbling Rock Fountains

A bubbling rock fountain is a great way to enhance and transform your outdoor space. These garden fountains are suitable to blend into the natural landscape and create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy.

They are usually constructed from various rock materials and can include multiple decorative features, including plants, stones, and sculptures. These fountains are also easy to install and maintain and are an economical way to add style and elegance to any outdoor space. The sound of trickling water is also soothing and can significantly reduce stress and relaxation.

5. Spinning Wheel Fountains

Spinning Wheel Fountains

Spinning wheel fountains for gardens improves the atmosphere and draws attention to your outdoor space, adding an aesthetic appeal to the area. It creates a focal point in landscape design, adding an element of surprise and delight.

The fountains also add refreshing water to the warm summer months. Installing one of these majestic fountains can be a simple and cost-effective way to create a breathtaking outdoor sanctuary.

6. Newcastle Pond Fountain

Newcastle Pond Fountain

Newcastle Pond Fountain can accommodate structures that allow simple installation and setup. These fountains’ vibrant colors, cascading streams, and calming sounds will captivate you.

The variety of styles these fountains offer is a perfect fit for any yard or garden. Check out the Giannini fountains, as they provide many options and decorations. They use long-lasting materials to ensure that beauty and elegance will last for years, adding to your home’s value.

7. Tabletop Fountains

Tabletop Fountains

Tabletops fountains are a perfect way to transform your outdoor space. They only take up a little space, so they can be easily situated in a corner or on a patio.

Tabletop fountains have a variety of designs that can match any aesthetic, so you can easily customize your fountain to your liking. They are also less expensive than traditional free-standing garden fountains and easier to maintain since they don’t require a lot of upkeep.

They are an ideal way to attract wildlife, such as birds, dragonflies, and butterflies. You can even select a fountain with an LED light to enjoy the sight and sound of the fountain in the evening hours.

8. Japanese Water Fountains

Japanese Water Fountains

Japanese water fountains bring serenity to any backyard. They look great, and their sound is soothing and peaceful – perfect for relaxation or meditation. These water fountains can find their placement in courtyards or on a deck or patio.

With several designs, Japanese water fountains can fit most home dΓ©cor. Whether traditional or more modern, these water features add an exquisite touch of nature and transform any outdoor space into a tranquil retreat.

Garden Fountains That Complement Your Outdoor

Garden fountains are an excellent addition to any outdoor space, providing a calming and refreshing place. From using natural water elements to choosing one that makes an accent, you can find a fountain to give your outdoor space a whole new look. Check out what types of fountains appeal to you today to bring life to your backyard!

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