Did you know that in 2021, the global hand dryer market was worth USD 792.1 million? When you want to dry your hands, what do you use? If you answered a paper towel, you’re like most people.

But, while paper towels are ordinary, they’re not the only way to dry your hands. A growing number of people are choosing a hand dryer instead.

So, should you grab a paper towel or a hand dryer when washing your hands? The answer depends on the kind of hand dryers you have.

Keep reading to learn more about hand dryer types, how they work, and which ones you most benefit from.


High-Speed Hand Dryers

This is ideal for businesses looking for a quick and efficient way to dry their hands. These air dryers use powerful air streams to dry hands quickly, reducing the need for paper towels or other traditional drying methods.

High-speed hand dryers also have numerous advantages – they are more cost-effective than paper towels, as they save businesses money on towels and labor costs associated with maintenance and stocking supplies. They are also environmentally friendly as no paper is used, and they reduce the spread of bacteria because less water is used to clean hands.

Lastly, high-speed hand dryers are quiet and fast, with some models drying their hands in as little as 8-10 seconds. They can help make the bathroom more pleasant and sanitary for customers and employees.

Mini Jet

This is a common type of electric hand dryer used in public restrooms. It quickly and efficiently dries hands with a high-powered air jet. This dryer is often multi-functional; it dries hands and is ribbed to clean them.

Despite being lightweight and having a small footprint, the mini jet is powerful, and its low noise makes it an ideal choice for quiet restroom areas. It is perfect for smaller spaces or where aesthetics is an essential factor.

Mini jet dryers are cost-effective and straightforward, making them appealing to those looking to save money while having effective dryers in their restroom.

They are durable, and their antibacterial coating prevents the spread of germs. It makes them ideal for environments where hygiene is a significant concern.

Nozzle Style

Nozzle-style hand dryers are one of the most common hand dryers seen in public bathrooms. They are wall mounted and typically located above a sink base, making them easy to spot and use. They are often equipped with a timer ranging from a few seconds to several minutes.

Nozzle-style hand dryers use a high-velocity stream of heated air to dry hands quickly and efficiently. The air temperature is adjustable and can be set according to preference. The noise level is low, so these dryers are convenient for various environments.

Another great thing about nozzle hand dryers is that they require very little maintenance because they don’t collect dust or dirt on their components. This is excellent news for public restroom owners and staff, as they don’t need to dedicate much time to keeping the machines clean.

Hands-In Auto

It is a hand dryer designed to improve hygiene and reduce the spread of germs. It is a hands-free solution, eliminating the need to touch the hand dryer to operate it. The product utilizes a patented Infrared Sensor Technology to provide automatic hand drying with minimal energy consumption.

Types of Hand Dryers

Compared to traditional dryers, hands-in auto is faster, quieter, and more efficient. With its patented hygienic air knife technology, hands-in auto provides a warm air dryer with improved airflow to dry your hands quicker and cleaner.

Its non-turbulent airflow system means minimal drying time, while its antibacterial filter ensures no spreading of germs. It is a quality hand dryer with excellent performance, helping people to be more conscious about hand hygiene in public restrooms.

Hands-Under Warm Air

It is a type of patented hands-free hand dryer with a unique construction to help protect users from the elements. The unit can be installed in the restroom to provide fast and efficient drying time, no paper towel waste, and improved hygiene, all while using up to 80% less energy, cutting costs, and conserving our environment.

Its sensitive motion-activated feature detects the presence of hands, so it turns itself on and off. It also has a HEPA filter that captures 99.9% of airborne particles, ensuring that users are not subjected to unsanitary air.

Its built-in antibacterial protection and anti-viral technologies make it an ideal choice for any restroom environment. Its safety features make it the perfect choice for helping avoid cross-contamination or illnesses.

It can also reduce the spread of germs and resistant bacteria buildup in common restroom areas. When choosing a hand dryer, be sure to visit https://www.cnmonline.co.uk/hand-dryer-brands.html.


These hand dryers feature a sensor at the bottom that is activated by the push of a button. Once the button is pressed, hot air will be pushed through two nozzles at the top of the unit. This type of hand dryer is easy to use, very efficient in drying hands, and noise-free compared to other hand dryers.

Push button hand dryers are ideal for locations where hygiene and cost savings are a priority and are often installed with a transient user in mind. Using variable speed controls to adjust the airflow, the user can decide the drying cycle’s speed, temperature, and duration.

Most require little to no maintenance, offer a high drying performance with low energy consumption, and are available in various sizes and shapes.

Heat Paper Roller

This hand dryer has a paper holder containing several bands of paper attached to two rollers. The rollers heat the form through the holders when the dryer is activated. The heated piece is wiped across the hands to dry them.

Best Hand Dryers

Heat paper roller hand dryers are ideal for public and commercial restrooms since they are fast, efficient, and economical. They are also quiet, hygienic, and environmentally friendly since no electricity is consumed during the drying process, and no paper waste is produced. Heat paper roller hand dryers are also easy to install and maintain.

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Hand dryers are a great addition to any restroom, providing convenience and sanitization. Check out our selection of hand dryers today to find the perfect fit for your business.

Consider the needs of your facility and the factors involved when determining the type of hand dryer you should invest in.

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