Even though we can never predict any unforeseen events that our lives will be impacted by in the future, having the right types of insurance can make sure that you’re financially protected.

Here Are 5 Types of Insurance Everyone Needs

Insurance, no matter what you’re protecting, is essentially a promise that when something you’re not expecting happens, you’re able to remain whole, financially speaking, and can get back in the swing of things as soon as you can. Here’s a quick look at a few types of insurance we all need.

1. Life Insurance

Life Insurance

While we aren’t able to control any emotional repercussions of having lost a loved one, an exceptional life insurance policy will be able to reduce a bit of the financial burden. If you get a no medical exam life insurance policy, it’ll pay out a set amount of money in the event of your death.

On top of paying for any final expenses, the policy can guarantee that your family will be able to continue to live in your home while paying off any debt and can even guarantee the future of your children. This type of insurance is necessary for everyone.

2. Health Insurance

health insurance benefits

Having enough insurance of this type is critical to your health and welfare. Health insurance is also vital to maintaining your well-being financially speaking too. Out of pocket costs stemming from medical bills for everything from regular checkups to unexpected trips to the emergency room and even surgery can be incredibly expensive.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what stage of life you might be in, it’s critical to have health insurance to cover medical costs without having any major financial consequences.

3. Homeowner’s Insurance

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Don’t make any mistakes about it – this type of financial protection is vital, regardless of whether you own your home or are renting. Renters and homeowner’s insurance can keep you protected from both liability and physical damages that occur to your things or yourself around and in your home.

Events that aren’t expected, like water damage, theft, or fire, can leave you with massive bills that quickly add up, and without this type of coverage protecting you, you would be left responsible for replacing your property or paying for materials and repairs.

4. Car Insurance

average cost of car insurance

This type of insurance protects you financially in the event that you’re involved in a vehicular accident or something else happens to your car. Just as it is with other types of insurance, car insurance has layers of protection that range from your mandatory liability to protection that will cover physical damage and even theft. Anyone who leases or owns a vehicle has to have insurance to cover it by law, the level that’s required depends on the state where the vehicle is licensed.

5. Long Term Disability

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Disability insurance provides you with a way to replace your income in the event that you become severely injured or sick and you aren’t able to work. It’s a fantastic option for anyone who has the understanding that they wouldn’t be able to rebound financially if they suddenly became unable to work. You can get policies that range for a few months coverage all the way up to retirement.

If you’ve been curious what types of insurance policies are critical for forming a rock-solid financial plan for you personally, the types you’ve just read about are the bare minimum. From life insurance to long-term disability insurance, the ones here will keep you covered from a lot of what life can throw at you, and because of that, nobody needs to be without any of them.