When you think of landscaping jobs, many people probably picture a motley crew of guys, tired and sweaty and covered in grass. Well, while some landscaping crews are exactly as illustrated, the jobs you get to work on can either make you stand out or have you blend in with the rest of the crowd.

Landscaping jobs are more than just cutting grass and trimming shrubs. In fact, landscaping is an art form. If you’re just starting out in the landscaping profession, you’ll want to showcase your attention to detail as well as your creativity with each job that you choose to take on.

In doing so, you’ll also want to get creative with which types of landscaping jobs that you accept. Here, we’ll discuss a few different types of landscaping jobs that will get your clients talking, and spreading your name around the neighborhood.

Different Types of Landscaping Jobs

Pools and Poolhouses

Pools and Poolhouses

Everyone loves a pool in the summertime. And, while having a pool is a total luxury in itself, most people want to make it look and feel as relaxing as possible. After the initial construction of the pool, that’s where you’ll come in.

On many properties, pools are lined with hardscapes, planters, and floral beds. Just take a tour through some neatly manicured neighborhoods and check out the pool areas. The combination of cool, flowing water, fountains and the aesthetics of creative landscaping jobs brings all of these elements together.

Many property owners also like the addition of pool houses. These are smaller structures, sometimes serving as a stand-alone one-bedroom home, a studio or workshop, or an area to relax after a swim. And, just like with the property lining the pool, this area will need to be accepted as well.

Poolscapes and poolhouse landscapes are the best ways to show off your skills, and these creations give your portfolio that sparkling effect that all your clients will love.

Fire Pits and Courtyards

Fire Pits and Courtyards

Just like a pool is great in the summertime, a firepit or an enclosed courtyard are both great accents to any property for the winter season.

If you’re just starting out and you want to do courtyard landscapes or fire pit design, you’re going to need some heavy-duty equipment and the ability to transport these materials to your job site.

Chances are, you’ll be needing to haul loads of bricks, rocks, and a host of other heavy building materials. If this is the case, consider renting a pickup with a towing package. This will give you the means to transport all of your tools and materials while also looking professional.

Just like a pool area, a fire pit or a courtyard offers you the space for a variety of creative ideas that you could choose to implement. Study up on courtyard and firepit design and add these to your portfolio to further wow your clients and get them talking about your business.

Decks and Pathways

Decks and Pathways

Last but not least, decks and pathways are other elements that can be accented by landscaping design, and in a very creative fashion.

Many decks are lined with planters incorporated into the woodwork, or as running borders alongside them. Your choice of florals, bedding, and trees can all be artful attributes that bring out the beauty of a property, much better than a plain, ordinary deck.

Pathways are also other areas that you can creatively accent. While you can line a pathway with florals, you can also line them with a trellis or cover them with extended pergolas. These are great building designs that work well with creeping vines and florals of all colors.

Wrap Up

With the right creative mindset and a little ingenuity, you can beef up the content of your portfolio with all of the aforementioned designs and be well on your way to landing clients in the most beautiful neighborhoods in your community.

Remember, when it comes to landscaping, your creativity is only limited by your imagination. By studying interesting and attractive landscaping techniques such as previously mentioned, you’ll have no problem making your portfolio shine brightly for all to marvel at.

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