It’s no secret that many employers could stand to treat their respective workforces better. At this point, most workers in the U.S. have come to accept habitual mistreatment from their employers as an unavoidable fact of life. As a result, many people barely bat an eye when employer mistreatment crosses the line into illegality. No matter how afraid you are of being without a job, there are certain types of mistreatment you should never tolerate from employers. So, if current or past employers have subjected you to any of the following injustices, consider scheduling a consultation with a lawyer who gets results.

Mistreatments That You Shouldn’t Allow

Withheld Severance Packages

If you were let go from your job and not given a severance package that was promised to you, you should reach out to a skilled attorney on the double. Provided you’ve done nothing to violate the terms of receiving your severance package, your employer shouldn’t have sufficient grounds upon which to withhold it. Anyone looking to collect a wrongfully withheld severance package is urged to consult with a seasoned severance package lawyer.

Wrongful Denial Of Medical Claims

what are the 4 d's of medical negligence

If you were injured on the job and your employer has refused to approve your medical claims, you may have grounds to take legal action. This is particularly true in the case of workers who are injured as a direct result of employer negligence and/or unsafe working conditions. So, if you feel that your claims were denied on unfair grounds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a highly-rated attorney. If your employer can’t be persuaded to do the right thing without legal pressure, enlisting the aid of a lawyer can be a great way to get the ball rolling.

Discriminatory Discipline

If your employer has clearly defined disciplinary measures in place, they need to be consistent in the way these measures are implemented. For example, if you’re hit with severe punishment for violating a rule that your fellow coworkers have violated without repercussion, there’s a good chance that discriminatory discipline is at play. If there’s no consistency with regard to how and when certain rules are enforced, working can be an anxiety-riddled, unpredictable experience. As such, if you feel that you were unfairly punished for something that has gone unpunished when other people have done it, a consultation with an attorney may be in order.

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Employees shouldn’t have to foot the bill for any work-related expenses. Such expenses include (but are not limited to) office supplies, travel costs, and business dinners. As these are business-related costs, employees should not be expected to pay for them out of their own pockets.

Unfortunately, while they’re not keen on using their own money to cover business expenses, some people are hesitant to speak out against this practice. For example, if your fellow coworkers regularly pay for business expenses without requesting reimbursement, you may feel hesitant to ask for the money you’re owed. While not wanting to rock the boat is understandable, your personal finances do not belong to your employer. With this in mind, make a point of asking for reimbursement for any and all business-related expenses, and speak to an attorney in the event that such requests are denied.

Undelivered Promises

Undelivered Promises

While few jobs turn out to be exactly what we envision them, you shouldn’t stand for an employer flagrantly misrepresenting a position for which you are hired. For example, if your various job duties and amenities bear little to no resemblance to what your employer promised, you shouldn’t be afraid to speak out. Furthermore, you should compile a list of every promise your employer failed to deliver on – and, if need be, present it to an attorney.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a member of the workforce who doesn’t have complaints about their employer. Although some offenders are certainly worse than others, many employers leave something to be desired when it comes to the way they treat workers. While mistreatment on the part of employers is nothing new, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t limits with regard to what should be tolerated. If your employer is guilty of any of the behaviors discussed above, getting in touch with a lawyer maybe your best course of action.

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