A British hacker age of 28 tried to hack the U.S government and Military Computer System, Recently responsible person is get accused


Lauri Love hacker tried to hack the sensitive department of U.S government and military computer system caught in Suffolk.

US authorizes told that hacker created “Black Door” to enter into the sensitive date present at their systems.

UK’s National Crime Agency and FBI are investing the hacker for his act and will get the reason and hand behind his to get these sensitive details.

From the investigation US authorizes told that hacker tried to steal data from the NASA, ARMY and Environmental Protection Agency systems.

Authorities ensured the after investigation they will get success to approach the purpose behind this data theft and person will be charged and punishment of this act by the government of U.S.

Hacker tried to access the Army personal data, budget plan, security system plans and responsible persons of department’s personal data.

Lauri Love was not alone for this cyber crime , they three in number and hacked these systems any ways government has not revealed the name of other persons.

Authorities investigate that hacker used black door or binary code which affect the system network and get accessed to the system data easily.

UK has formed the National Crime Agency for accusing the guilty person.

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