Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to traditional taxi services. However, there can be some concern about how to stay safe when using these apps.

Here are five uber safety tips to help you get to where you are going and feel secure along the way.

Order Your Uber Inside:

If it is at all possible, order your ride while you are inside and don’t head out until the app shows your driver has arrived. Doing this will keep the time you are out in the open, not paying attention to your surroundings, staring at your phone to a minimum. 

If you can’t wait inside, make sure you have people waiting outside with you. This will give you a couple of extra eyes to keep you safe and aware.

Model, Make, and License:

When your ride request is accepted by a driver, the app will tell you the make, model, and license of the car. So, as your driver arrives, be sure the car you are getting into matches the car on the app. If there is even the slightest discrepancy, don’t get it!

Also, be sure you use the report feature on the app to let the company know someone is potentially misusing their app. If you feel especially uneasy about it, also report it to the police so they can be on the lookout for a potential threat.

What’s in a Name:

While most drivers will call you by name as you step up to the car just to make sure you are their fare. However, if they don’t, ask them who they are looking for. Just be sure to not tell them your name.

Much like double-checking the make, model, and license number of their car, ensuring the driver knows your name can help keep you from getting in the wrong car.  So, when approaching the vehicle, don’t be afraid to ask “What’s my name?”.

Utilize in App Safety Features:

Uber has an in-app feature that lets you share your trip details with trusted contacts. Just enter five contacts who you trust into the app and ding them when the ride starts. They will be able to see where you are in real-time, your phone number, and the license plate number of the car you are in. 

You can start or stop this feature at any time during the ride. However, we suggest you don’t stop sharing until after you have reached your destination and are inside safely.

Watch Where You Sit:

It is recommended you never sit in front with the driver or directly behind them. The ideal place is behind the front passenger seat. This means you can watch what is going on upfront and they can keep an eye on you too if need be.

On top of that, the backseat has been shown to be safer than the front seat in case you are in an accident. And if you are in an accident and your driver is insured, don’t be afraid to contact an Uber accident lawyer for legal advice. 

More Uber Safety Tips:

These are just a few Uber safety tips. There are plenty of others to help make sure you get to where you are heading safely and in one piece.

For example, keep your wits about you and never be afraid to stop the ride if you are feeling unsafe. Trusting your gut is far more important than being nice.

For more legal advice or tips and tricks on how to protect yourself when it comes to accident law, keep browsing the rest of our blog.

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