What’s not to love about fashion? It’s been around for eternity and still rules the roost across all generations! Sporting that new branded jersey or those trending jeggings makes us happy high. You’re not alone if you itch to wear your new loot almost instantly or love flaunting that branded piece of accessory through the week. Besides, in today’s world of high brand affiliations, it’s much in vogue to wear a brand on your sleeve… literally!

While stylish clothing never fails to impress, brand houses are stretching their imagination to roll out allied accessories that are stamped with their name. Think keychains, car stickers, umbrellas – You get the drift right? If you’re new to that world of brands, run through our stack of stylish yet subtle ways to slip your favourite brand into your OOTD.

Car Seats & Accessories

If you have a little toddler you need to strap on in your car, you’ve just unravelled a plethora of brands you can flaunt. An F1 fan? Go for the Ferrari car seat! A Batman fan? Flaunt a ‘Baby on Board’ Batman sticker! Rub your brand affiliations onto your child easily with these handy brand sling-ons!


Fancy luxury AirPods and AirPods cases that don’t fail to make a style statement? From Louis Vuitton, Bugatti and Dior, some of the world’s biggest brands have affiliated their signature logo on AirPods, making them an accessory to show off your opulence. Gift these to a brand conscious friend and they’re sure to appreciate how even the most basic everyday accessory can be stamped with a brand.

Phone Cases

Luxury knows no bounds with the biggest global brands rolling out swanky phone cases. Harrods phone accessories, Kate Spade phone cases, Gucci cases and even Disney phone cases are only just a few brands who have chanced upon this bandwagon. And, just like all other accessories, loyalists are flocking to stores to pick up these accessories as an ode to their favourite brands. If you’re one of them, you know a phone case is never a bad buy!

Personalised Branded Stationery

Bespoke stationery pieces are the obsession of many branded enthusiasts. Personalised note pads, paint collections, luxury pens, paper clips and art prints are just some of the many offerings in luxury branded stationery. They make for gorgeous coffee table placements and lend a cosy old-world charm to your home. They are also great gifting options to friends who you know are passionate about books and stationery.


We probably sport lanyards at our workplaces but haven’t come around to identifying it with its name. remember those straps on which you sling on your ID card or entry card at work? Lanyards have often been restricted to merely identification purposes but these swanky accessories can be a great way to flaunt brand affiliations and selling on Instagram your crafts!

Get custom lanyards made sporting your favourite logo at 4inlanyards.com! Whether it is the BMW logo you dig or your university name you wish to flaunt, simply get it custom made on a lanyards and strap on your keys, mobile phone, work IDs or just about anything! Order bulk lanyards for your next football night with the boys and get the bro code on point with identical lanyards!

Truly, there’s no end to consumerism! We all are fans of doing things the unconventional way. After all, who doesn’t love to stand out, right? So ditch spending a fortune on branded attire and opt for these quirky accessories instead! Sink your teeth into the finest brands without much ado! Flaunt your brand in the most unconventional way and watch those eyeballs chase you at work and at leisure.

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