Rewards are a great way to encourage employees and retain top talent. While there are many rewards, not all of them have to be monetary. The key to successful employee rewards is being creative and thoughtful. What works for one group might not be best for another employee group. Regardless of your employee type, you may want to use these creative ideas.

General Perks/Prizes

Small prizes and tokens can be rewarding for employees. Consider a customer service position where each employee gets a token for a good review or customer praise. These tokens could be saved up and then used for a prize, more paid time off, or another desirable benefit. One business actually developed unique tools and the company TokensFor has seen good results that motivate employees. This also helps to encourage consistently high performance.

Streaming Subscriptions

Most people today enjoy streaming video but these services can be expensive. Why not buy your employees a month’s subscription to one of the many streaming subscriptions. These are at a low cost to the business but are a great deal of fun and also a creative way to reward good work.

Bring Your Dog Day

Employees always miss their pets when they’re away from home so it may be time to allow the pet in the office. Host a “bring your pet to work” day where employees can bring their pet with them. This idea may not work in all offices but it’s a great morale booster. Make sure that no one has severe dog allergies or a fear of dogs. It’s also a good idea to remind people that no aggressive dogs will be allowed but this is a fun idea.

Casual Dress Day

Dressed-down Fridays used to be a part of the office but it’s not as popular today. However, while you may want to maintain a professional environment, why not have a dressed down day that everyone will enjoy? If your office has a dress code, provide a day or even a week when people can dress more casually. Make this a semi-regular occurrence if you can.

Ping Pong Table

If you have employees who work long days, why not give them a chance to blow off steam while on the job? A ping pong table is a fun and interactive way for employees to enjoy a short break so it won’t hurt productivity. Ping pong is one example although other games are also possible. If you have a break room, this is a good location.

Food Truck Lunch

Food trucks are so much fun, serving up fusion and regional food that people love. Since many people don’t have time to go out for lunch today, why not bring lunch to them? Host a food truck for a day and they’ll love the fresh food. You can offer to pay for the meal but even without this perk, it’ll still be a hit. Many people find that rewarding their employees have become more challenging. Unlike the older generation which had fairly firm hours, the younger generation spends more time at work and has more flexible working time. Use these rewards to keep employees engaged and retain some of your best workers.

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