Does the smell of fresh leather seats warm your soul? Do you often find yourself dreaming of metal parts? Does the love of your life live in a garage? Does it have 4-wheel drive and a backup camera? 

Then you might be a car lover. Did you know there are hundreds of car blogs on the internet devoted to the same thing you are?

Read on for the top 5 best auto blogs you need to be reading!

1. AutoBlog

AutoBlog’s key feature is a research tool that allows you to type in the make, model, and year of any car. Your search results will provide you with the specs of each model and trim and give you an honest review.

This is a great tool for anyone in the market for a new vehicle who needs an honest review and an easy way to compare models.

They even have a car-finder tool that will help you find the perfect make and model for you depending on your preferences and priorities.

They start by having you select your top priorities from a variety of options like fuel economy, safety, tech, snow/off-road, luxury, etc. The next step is to define your budget. After that, you indicate the number of seats you need.

2. GoMotors

GoMotors is a comprehensive motor blog that offers everything from maintenance tips to buyers guides.

They have blog feeds specific to servicing and repairing cars of all types. It offers everything from understanding service lights to tire care.

Their car specs section provides insights into car modifications, compares models for specific needs, and in-depth looks at new models.

You can even sell cars on this motor blog.

In the car tech section, you’ll find new posts about innovative tech that’s hitting the market.

3. Car and Driver

Car enthusiasts everywhere wait with bated breath for the editor’s choice awards.

Each year Car and Driver publishes its top-rated vehicles in body categories (sedan, hatchback, SUV, minivan, truck, etc.) including hybrid models.

Car and Driver also publishes important car-related news and keeps readers up to date on model reviews.

You can also shop for cars from their blog!

4. Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine is for the car lovers out there! They have a section devoted to classic models with guides on car shows, museums, and buyers guides.

This blog embodies the car lifestyle by publishing frequent op-eds about specific features, models, and demographics.

They also post details for upcoming auto shows in the United States.

5. Car Talk

If you’ve got car questions, then car talk is the blog for you. They post frequent advice and tips on car care, maintenance, and anything else you can think of.

Can a car be too quiet? Are my brakes going out? Which model is best for snow driving?

If you’ve got car questions, they have car answers.

Check Out the Best Car Blogs!

After you’ve had a look at these top 5 car blogs, you can keep searching for more.

You’re bound to find almost anything you’re looking for about cars on auto blogs.