Yes, hip replacement is a procedure of repairing damaged hip joints. The specialized surgeon removes worn out and damaged parts of the joint and replaces it with an artificial joint of ceramic, metal, or plastic. Of all these surgical procedures, this is the most common one globally. Around 2.5 million individuals worldwide go for this process every year.

Who Requires Hip Replacement?

Who Requires Hip Replacement

Arthritis pain is a common reason behind hip replacement. Your medical practitioner might suggest a hip replacement if you suffer from consistent hip pain resulting from injury or arthritis. Pain that interferes with normal functions and activities of the body and does not repair with the help of medication requires this method. These treatment options are similar to physical therapy.

Details Of Artificial Hips

The artificial hip comes with a metal stem that connects to the thighbone. On the other hand, the stem has a ceramic or metal ball fitted on end, which works in the metal cup in the socket of the hip joint. A ceramic or plastic liner fits between the cup and the ball and helps the joint glide. Your medical practitioner from QC Kinetix (Aurora) will use specially designed tools to cement the new artificial hip with the bone. The process is a time-consuming one and thereby requires precision.

How Long Will The Hip Replacement Function?

The artificial hip gets designed for serving an individual for a long time. However, it will not last forever. Around 95% of individuals say that the hip replacement lasts for at least 10 to 15 years. However, 75% of individuals falling within 15 to 20 years say that the hip replacement lasts for 25 years. Hence, age is the main determining factor. If you are active and young, it may require repetition of the hip surgery after a long time. Along with this, your lifestyle habits and regular activities also play a vital role.

How Does The Surgery Go?

How Does The Surgery Go

During the operation, the patient is asleep under general anesthesia. The surgical procedure does not take more than an hour or two. Your surgeon might cut the side and front part of the hip, remove the damaged fraction of the hip, and insert the artificial hip piece. They use robotic technology for the placement step, which helps with the alignment. The entire process does not go on for very long, but proper maintenance of diet and exercise is necessary.

Why Hip Replacement Surgery?

After the hip replacement surgery, you have to take care of your medicine and everyday activities. Remember that recovery is a time-consuming stage. Hence, you may have to undergo physical therapy that will help you get back to your typical life. Moreover, if you want the recovery to be smooth and safe, you must modify your life. For example, you may have to avoid stairs, go for regular physical therapy, remove unhealthy habits from your life, etc. Remember that you have to be active and continue with moderate physical exercise every day. You may have to bring a few changes to your diet because it links to your physical wellbeing.