Is your company’s customer service memorable—in a good way? With so much competition online and in stores, the customer experience of your shoppers is more important than ever.

With good customer service, you can retain loyal customers, build your brand, and encourage more referrals. But just how can you create a customer experience that will be amazing and impressive?

Once you know a few tips, you can boost your business—keep reading to find seven ways to create an unforgettable brand experience for your customers.

1. Make a Fantastic First Impression

One of our top customer experience tips is that first impressions matter! There are so many brands out there, which means it’s pretty tough to get noticed.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so think about what a customer will think when they interact with your business for the first time. Think about what a new customer will see or experience when they walk into your shop or browse your website for the first time.

Will they be impressed—or put off? You want to be sure they like what they see and have a positive first experience.

2. Design an Experience for Your Customers

Think back to some of the most amazing customer experiences you’ve had in the past. We’ll let you in on a secret—these incredible shopping trips were no accident, as your experience was carefully curated by the brand.

Take, for example, a brand like Disney—if you visit their parks or shop in their stores, you’re going to have a memorable experience. This is the result of highly-trained staff and a well-planned customer journey.

The brand experience starts the moment you first hear about a company and it continues until you make your first purchase. Companies know how important customer service is, so they create a ‘journey’ that all customers go on.

This includes everything from the greeting when you walk into the store, the questions you’re asked, and the packaging of your purchases.

3. Train Staff

For your customer experience to be successful, it needs to be consistent. For this reason, training your staff is incredibly important.

When someone browses your site or visits your store, their experience with customer service should always be the same. Try to host regular training events for all customer service staff, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Many companies also employ ‘mystery shoppers’, who come in and pretend to be regular customers, then give you feedback about their shopping experience.

4. Show Customers How Much They’re Appreciated

To stand out in the mind of your shopper, you need to appreciate them. Customers have a choice when shopping, since there are plenty of other businesses they could visit instead of yours.

Since they’re spending their hard-earned money on your products, show them genuine appreciation! This can be as simple as a thank you at the time of purchase, although there are other ways to reward as well.

You might want to create a loyalty program, offering shoppers a discount or bonus once they spend a certain amount. Or, create special VIP shopping events, giving valued customers first access to new products.

5. Use Technology to Improve the Online Customer Experience

When customers are shopping online, you want to make sure they’re having an incredible experience. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, fast, and simple to use—otherwise, shoppers might go elsewhere.

Can you measure someone’s experience online? You can, with digital analytics—check out this ultimate guide to learn more.

This can help you see what’s working well on your website and what needs some improvement. You can also measure your web traffic and demographics, which helps you learn more about the type of people who are shopping in your online store.

6. Listen to Feedback

Think of the customer experience as an ongoing project for your business—you don’t want to set one up and then forget about it!

Instead, listen to feedback from customers. Although it can sometimes be tough to hear negative feedback about your business, you can use it to make improvements and build a better business.

You’ll want to constantly tweak and improve your customer experience strategy, taking on board suggestions from both customers and staff. This way, each time a shopper visits, their experience will be better than the last. Customer feedback Is important, it ensures you never stray too far from the needs of your community, even as those needs evolve.

7. Be Genuine

Our last tip is to be honest and genuine when you engage with customers. If a business seems completely fake and insincere, customers are going to see through that a mile away.

Try to craft a customer experience that shows you truly care for your customers and their business, as you don’t want them to think you only care about their wallets.

If you do happen to make a mistake, which happens, apologize and offer to make amends—caring customers are sure to be understanding, so it’s not the end of the world.

Improve Your Customer Experience With These Tips

If your business needs to improve its customer experience, use these tips to get started. With a bit of research into your audience, their shopping habits, and their preferences, you can design a shopping experience that is sure to be remembered.

It may take some trial and error, but it’s worth getting right, since customer service is the key to retaining current customers and attracting new ones. Get started today and your business is sure to grow!

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