How are dealerships working through today’s challenges to deliver customer service excellence? Will they take the right steps in properly managing and optimizing their teams, customers and partners? In this article, United Car Care, a leading vehicle service contract provider, outlines what automotive dealerships need to keep in mind to address the unique challenges of 2020.

More Consumers Begin Their Shopping Online

In 2020, the large majority of car shoppers start their search online. Whether they are looking for answers to questions about prices, options, financing, or other general issues, the typical customer enters search queries into Google or other search engines to get the information they need. Shoppers who are looking for particular makes and models normally begin with localized searches for their hometowns and surrounding areas. Consumers will visit multiple sites before deciding about which dealers to contact.

2020 will also see continued increases in customers using mobile devices to conduct their searches, and marketers who develop mobile-friendly interfaces will reap benefits as a result. Another search trend that is growing quickly is customer reliance on demonstrative test-drive videos on YouTube, which is a great way of linking back to a dealership’s web page.

Online Shoppers Still Tend to Make First Contact by Phone

2020 will continue to see a majority of online contacts coming through paid ads, but with a growing share for organic customer searches. Following online searching and research, the majority of shoppers who want to contact a particular dealer start with a phone call to the number posted on the dealer’s website. Once a customer feels reasonably educated through their own efforts, they will want to speak directly to an agent to cut down to the details they are interested in.

By the time the customer is ready to place the first call to a dealership, they are ready to schedule an appointment in the majority of cases. Because calls convert to revenue at a far greater rate than purely web-based leads, dealerships should master techniques to maximize incoming calls through their website and online presence.

Successful Auto Marketers In 2020 Will Drive High Call Conversion Rates

Call conversion in 2020 requires appropriate web and mobile design to make it as easy as possible for customers to place a call to you. Call tracking and management software will continue to develop and be used to track marketing efforts from the first contact through appointments and successful sales. Call analytics software will help dealers personalize and optimize caller experience. Callers who enjoy a personalized and hassle-free calling experience become callers converted to purchasers. Elimination of dropped calls, long hold times, and wasted calls will continue to support conversion rates. New developments in call analytics will continue to assist marketing managers in maximizing the value of every incoming sales call.

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