Some people know from childhood what type of career they would like to pursue as an adult. Others may have a good idea of their skills but feel unsure how they would use them in a career. Bouncing from job to job is a common experience of young adulthood. However, most people desire greater stability as they get older and would like to settle on a career path. The challenge can come from not quite knowing what that career should be.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Career

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For many people, the job itself is only one part of what draws them to choose one type of career over another. They also spend a lot of time thinking about whether the company will be a good fit for them. Some questions that may come to mind include:

  • Whether the industry and company culture match their values
  • Leadership style of their boss or manager
  • How well the team structure fits their lifestyle and preferred way to work

These are deep questions that go beyond analyzing pay and benefits when deciding whether to accept a job offer. The University of Phoenix understands that adult students beyond traditional college-age often have many responsibilities to juggle that can take away from the time they need to reflect on what is best for them. This is one reason why the University hosts short podcasts in a series called “How Tomorrow Works.” The podcasts typically feature University staff, leaders, or alumni who share insights that can help adult learners reflect on their own career and education choices.

Class Of 2000 Graduate Joins “How Tomorrow Works” Podcast

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Dan Benjamin, the host of “How Tomorrow Works,” interviewed University of Phoenix alumna Camye Mackey in an episode titled “Finding the Right Career Fit.” Mackey is currently the chief human resources representative and diversity inclusion officer for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association. Mackey received her Master of Arts in Organizational Communication from University of Phoenix 21 years ago.

Benjamin and Mackey covered several topics in under four minutes including the role of human resources in a modern organization and current workplace trends. Mackey also delved into company culture to discuss finding the right one or improving one that already exists.

Mackey started out the interview by stating, “Never in a million years did I expect to work for a professional sports team. As a matter of fact, I’m not a huge sports individual. When I was interviewing, I wasn’t even sure if the Atlanta Hawks were a football, basketball or hockey team.”

Mackey acknowledged the importance of company culture when she described how it can “make or break the experience for employees and fans or customers of the organization.” She went on to describe a few examples of when company culture did not match community expectations. These organizations can lose revenue quickly, along with their reputation. “When people feel like they belong in the work environment, their true selves come out, and they are able to contribute more.”

Mackey participated in the third of a six-part series for the “How Tomorrow Works” podcast. Other topics that have been presented so far include:

  • Where Education and Careers Are Going in a Remote World
  • Seizing Opportunities if You Feel Stuck in a Job
  • Leading Inclusively in Times of Crisis and Beyond

The “How Tomorrow Works” podcast is one of many resources University of Phoenix makes available to the public. The University also hosts a YouTube channel with more than 28,000 subscribers.

About University Of Phoenix

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix offers online courses for adult students looking to enhance their career opportunities. Students can choose to register for a degree program, certificate program or professional development course. Degree options range from associate to doctoral levels. The University accepts most transfer credits and offers 100 unique programs aligned to more than 300 careers. Prospective students interested in learning more about University of Phoenix should submit this form.

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