Moving places is never easy. Especially if you are moving states or countries. There are so many small details that you have to take care of.

With the Covid pandemic spreading its wings, there are additional safety measures that you need to follow both – while moving as well as when you are unpacking after moving. Multiple small steps will help to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic time.

The first thing to do is to hire a good packing and moving agency. It is advisable to do your homework properly and hire a reliable and reputed agency. They will ease the bulk of the process for you. Also, you need to ensure that they are following all safety measures in light of the Covid pandemic.

Look for a company that will provide you a comprehensive moving solution so you do not have to worry about your possessions while moving. North America has many such highly reputed packers and movers who are efficient, comprehensive and budget-friendly.

Some Tips to Make your Move Stress-Free

If you want to make your interstate move easy and stress-free, you could follow the below tips at your end.

1) Discard

Remember it costs money and effort to move things. More the number of things more is the money and effort that will go into moving them. With the Covid season looking large, there will be that many things to sanitize and move and then sanitize again while unpacking. Do a thorough survey and discard the items you no longer need. You could choose to donate or sell them. Lesser stuff to move means lower cost of moving.

2) Organize

A month or so before your move, start organizing the stuff that you will not immediately need. Label boxes and neatly pack things into them. Things like photographs, books, decorative pieces, clothes (off-season) etc. can be packed off way earlier leading to lesser chaos as the moving day comes closer.

3) Prepare both houses

At least two weeks before you move, start arranging for cable, internet and other utilities to be started in your new house. Also speak to the respective suppliers at the old house and arrange for termination. Make sure you don’t leave anything for the last minute. If you are living in a rented place, it is recommended to get a deep cleaning done so that you get most of your deposit amount back. Clean and sanitize your new place thoroughly.

4) Take care of smaller details

Around two weeks before your move, ensure that you cancel your local subscriptions like gym membership etc. You might want to also fill the necessary forms at your local post office and provide your new address to them for forwarding your mail. Also, if you own a vehicle and plan to drive it during your inter state move, make sure it is serviced properly and prepared for the long drive.

5) Pack for the move

Valuable items like antiques, jewelry, cash etc. should ideally be transported by you only. If some item is very fragile or extremely valuable, it is recommended that you take it in person while moving. You can pack up all these carefully and move it in your car. As it will be a long journey, don’t forget to pack a suitcase or bag of essentials for you and your companion/s for use during the journey. Considering the current situation, keep stuff like face masks, face shields, gloves, disinfectant wipes, and sanitizer gels handy with you in the car.

As mentioned before, an interstate move is a major decision. It gets more and more chaotic as the moving day comes closer. It is advisable not to leave anything to last minute and the above tips can help you be better prepared and help manage your move in a smoother, organized and systematic manner.