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Unusual Modifications Of Sex Toys And The Reasons For Their Popularity

With the growing awareness of humans sexuality, people also increased their creativity in response to customers’ needs. It means that the marked got filled with many different sex toys whiches the main purpose is to significantly improve users sexual life. Since people are not ashamed by their sexual needs, many people reach for different erotic gadgets.

Purchasing sex toys online is the easiest and most common way to shop. You can find different categories of toys and accessories to enjoy both, with your partner and solo. Some people’s fantasy is endless which explains really surprising sex toys and some unusual modifications of already existing ones. The reason they produce and sell them is simple – everyone has different sexual needs and dreams to fulfil.

Below you can find few examples of unusual sex toys moderation

Sex Tech

When we connect technology with specific sexual needs, as a result, we receive so-called “digisexual” toys. It’s the combination of virtual reality sex and lovemaking robots. The main goal is to create a futuristic-looking sex doll, which does look totally different than human and provides the user with real sex-with-robot experience. So, if you’re a fan of transformers, you might have a chance to hook up with one soon.

CBD lubricant

The popularity of weed and its healing abilities pushed people to another level of creation. According to Valm, using lube is really important if you don’t want to turn your great orgasm possibility into a very painful experience. CBD hemp seed oil is not psychoactive and can be used as a versatile therapeutic agent without fear or change in intercourse. According to a certified sexologist and author Tammy Nelson, using CBD lube increases sensitivity and results in relaxing, getting people ready to receive the most of the pleasure from warm up touches, which subsequently results in stronger orgasms and better sexual experience.

Plant-based vibrators

With the growing popularity of veganism, people created a way that can finally help you enjoy your healthy plant-based diet. From now you can literally “feel” the effect of the veggies on your body. I’m talking emoji-inspired famous eggplant shape vibrators. It offers a wide range of ten settings in a waterproof design that can be used in-and-out of the bath and shower, bed, maybe garden?

Ponytail butt plug

If you’re looking for a unique erotic gadget for your animal sexual experience, you will totally get obsessed with the lovely design of a ponytails butt plug. Easy to apply, the totally safe plug is It will significantly intensify your pleasure, no matter if you do it with someone or solo. Now you can swish that sweet tail in front of your partner till they neigh.

Talkative sex dolls

It’s normal not to be in a mood to have sex sometimes but it’s always good to talk though. If you suffer loneliness and want to open up from someone that is a great listener, we find you a solution. Human looking, talking sex doll is a great way to spend a hot steamy night with. As a potential user, you can customise your baby doll with many physical features, such as size, hair colour, hairstyle, eye and skin colour and obviously, the size of “her” breast.


Exactly! Not only women can play with their little sex toys. The male version of vibrator designed to meet the specific needs of the men and provide him with great orgasms. The high technology guybrator has inbuilt high-amplitude oscillations that cause a deep, rumbling feeling from the head of the penis all the way down the shaft and more. What’s so great about this sex gadget is the fact that it’s a hands-free way of entertainment. You can just lay down and chill and the guybrator and its pulse will do all the job for you. It’s also a great sex toy for men with erectile dysfunction because it can be used without the need of an erection so you can slowly enjoy getting hard.

Amethyst wand

More and more people believe in spirituality and the secret power of minerals. If you are one of them, you can sanctify your chakra and clean the aura with the spiritual amethyst wand. The Amethyst Chakrub is made from pure amethyst, which is a meditative and calming stone that can bring you emotional, spiritual and physical peace. You can enrich your sexual experience and manage to find balance and calm your body after a long day.

The bottom line

The popularity of unusual sex toys results from people’s curiosity, the need for change and excitement of trying new things. By adding a bit of spiciness into the sexual life they can improve their relationships, self-confidence and health (sex reduces stress and anxiety). Pick yourself sex toys you like and enjoy your sexual experiences better.

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