Did you know that worldwide, we could save over 20 trillion dollars annually if everyone switched to sustainable living? There are many ways that you can have an inexpensive eco friendly home and not change too much about your lifestyle.

Want to learn about some eco friendly home ideas that fit into your budget? Here are some changes that you can make today to do your part and reduce the effects of climate change.

1. Consider Going Solar

types of solar

Although solar can be a large investment upfront, it can start to pay for itself rather quickly. You can eliminate almost all of your electric bill every month or go off the grid completely if you have reliable sunlight energy.

Many companies offer deals on solar to make it more affordable. For example, Blue Raven savings will help you to get the solar energy system that you need at a great price.

2. Try Composting

Did you know it is easy to set up a home compost? You do not need fancy machinery or a lot of space to turn your food scraps into soil that you can use.

The nutrients from the soil and the bugs that eat the food scraps will feed your plants and help them grow strong. Here is a guide on how to compost if you want to get started with food savings.

3. Tankless Water Heater

8 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

If you have ever run out of hot water, you know that having a tank water heater can be a pain. However, tankless water heaters provide you with warm water much quicker than a traditional water heater.

A tankless water heater will also help to lower your electricity bill. Over time, that can save you hundreds or even thousands every year.

4. Plant an Alternative Lawn

You do not have to follow society’s conventions and have a boring grass lawn. Try planting an alternative material, such as moss or clover. These require much less maintenance and water to grow.

If you want to take it a step further, try planting your own garden. You can use soil from your compost to help infuse nutrients into your fruits and vegetables.

5. Energy-Efficient Doors

Eco Friendly Home doors

Doors can let a lot of energy escape if they do not seal the inside your home properly. Upgrading to energy-efficient doors may be worth the investment in a short amount of time.

Heating and cooling costs tend to be more expensive during peak times of the year, so it is important that you conserve power as much as possible.

Design Your Dream Eco Friendly Home Today

If you want an eco friendly home, you do not have to break the bank to help out the environment. With these tips, you can live your values and still have the house that you desire.

Want to learn more about more ways that you can go green in all areas of your life? Check out our site for more tips and tricks on how to live cleanly and save the planet.

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