When compared with hollers and whoops from audience at Sony PS4’s launch, reception for Xbox One by Microsoft felt much muted in Los Angeles at E3.     

Showing off Xbox One, company did pander to distinct audience, that is, normal families.Unluckily, for Microsoft, the normal families do not have the tendency to watch launches of game consoles, so it only was left with the disgruntled gamers who wondered where all games were.

On a press conference on Monday, company said that it is all about games, as was promised.From here the exclusive titles of next-gen took the centre stage. In total, there were thirteen, most impressive being Quantum Break, the science fiction thriller where one experiment of science caused the time pockets to slow.That definitely put pressure over Sony to get impressive with top titles at its event.

Though, prior to talking about exclusive games, finally it was time to see this unit. As could be predicted, it is a rectangular box in black. Some say the design resembles that of an eraser ans according to some, it looks like a bourbon biscuit in future.

Console went on all right, but most thought it was grower, and not love at the first sight.

When inspected closely, it was told that the unit wasn’t fully ready actually so some slight changes could be there till it would go on sale late this year.

The Order 1886, title from London 19th Century, Back to Games, and the funny Octodad in which players have to control octopus, were really enjoyed.

Similarly, Watch Dogs was also fun which appears over both the consoles and users play to be the man who could hack everything, including electricity supply and mobile phones.

Sony boasted about having games, more than 140, in the development for PS4.

This figure does not include efforts by the independent and small developers who would effectively have the games elf-published for PS4 via the PlayStation Network of Sony that already exists.

Meanwhile, only a few could predict, even 6 months back, that a major sticking point on the E3 this year would be future having the pre-owned games traded.

And no one had any doubt about Sony wanting to have one stuck to Microsoft while it had to go through its own policy.

Jack Tretton, the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America, addressed such issues one at a time.

As opposed to Xbox, the PlayStation 4 games wouldn’t require connection with internet every twenty-four hours for remaining playable.

It would be allowed to people to trade discs freely for forever.While arena cheered this announcement, Mr Tretton joked that he guessed that was something good.Sony tends to have retained upper hand on E3 this year.