Did you know that it takes roughly a tenth of a second to form an opinion about someone?

And, it takes even less time for consumers to form an opinion about your brand. So, don’t let anyone lie to you – First impressions are crucial. You don’t want to risk your business’ success by telling the wrong story about your brand.

Taking time to develop your brand’s creative concepts is essential. But, it’s not always as easy as large brands make it seem.

In this article, we’ll help you come up with a surefire strategy. Here’s a guide meant to help you develop a creative concept.


Developing a Personal Brand

Don’t assume anything when developing a creative concept in marketing. Instead, strive to understand all aspects of your upcoming campaign. Do research on your audience and the communication channels you plan to use.

This way, you’ll be better suited to develop concepts that fit your audience and align with your goals. However, this may be challenging if you’re new to developing creative marketing concepts. So, you can seek creative agency services to help you from the beginning.

Create a Brief

Your creative conception brief needs to state your problem statement clearly. A problem statement is a vivid description of the problem your campaign seeks to address. In this case, you want your campaign to tell your brand’s story.

It also needs to describe your audience and ways you can measure your campaign’s success. Developing the brief is vital since it’s the baseline against which you’ll assess ideas.


Digital Design Gives Your Brand Personality

Create a team from varying backgrounds to help you brainstorm creative ideas. Ensure everyone in the group follows the brief. Your brainstorming session should revolve around its contents for the best results.

But don’t forget that brainstorming is supposed to be fun. Encourage the team to suggest ideas in this stage, no matter how outrageous. Of course, as is common in these sessions, you’ll need to steer the session back to your brief if the members go off-topic.

Individual Idea Development

After the brainstorming, ask the members to come up with unique concepts. Again, encourage them to be as creative as they’d like and go crazy with their ideas.

The purpose here is to develop many ideas which don’t necessarily have to be high-quality. The ideas also don’t have to be in written form. Your team members can also draw or generate them in other fun ways, as long as they tell your story.

Choose Ideas

Your Name Doesn't Align With Your Brand Vision

Ask your team to present their individual ideas and choose a few great ones. Ideally, the ideas should carry the following characteristics:

  • They tell your brand’s story
  • They’re relevant to your audience
  • They’re fresh, not copied from other businesses or campaigns
  • They can fit various communication channels
  • You can use them throughout your campaign

If they meet these requirements, you can move on to create visual representations. Remember, a creative concept contains not only a tagline but also a visual.

Boost Your Brand With These Creative Concepts Ideas

Using creative concepts can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the process. But, you’ll find it easy when you follow the steps we’ve discussed in this article. Every stage is essential, so don’t overlook any of them.

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