With the rise of many private jet startups, you can now fly at a lesser price. The attraction of private jets isn’t deniable. It’s great that aspiring influencers can hire a grounded jet to take selfies.

Private aviation was at one time in the ultra-rich domain, but it’s more accessible presently. Over the last decade, different private aviation startups have started to hire seats between destinations, for instance, Miami and New York.

The prices are a bit low at only four figures, as compared to the five figures it costs chartering for a whole jet. You can book your flight using an app. Following are some of the jet startups you can try.


Breath of Fresh Air

JetSuite does it uniquely in private aviation world. It’s a light-jet journey for visionaries and dreamers who carve their independent paths. Like you, the firm is committed to a great way forward, moving people and jet sector into new, uncharted territories. It’s where the hospitality spirit takes flight. 

Why JetSuite?

By using the services, it’s flying in the sky with grace. You find and benefit from individualized amenities, state-of-the-art jets, and a fleet of beautifully-designed planes. Fly with the most knowledgeable and friendliest pilots in the industry with a decade of experience.

The firm infuses every journey with the hospitality spirit for an extraordinary light-jet experience that reverberates with relaxation, luminous, and relaxation possibilities. 

JetSuite Experiences

The first of its form in business aviation, it’s committed to forming thoughtfully-created experiences that exceed your destination.


Blade is bringing style and precision back to aviation. With every flight, there’s an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the fly of seaplanes, airplanes, and jets to every corner of this world. 

Book on your terms! The firm ensures you book scheduled flights to common destinations, crowdsourced or chartered flights anywhere. 

Blade is redefining aviation via their network of symbolic Blade lounges. Don’t wait to encounter the unparalleled service and style!


The firm permits passengers to ride-share on chartered flights in the network. After catering for $2,500 membership charges, users can request for desired dates and flights. The app alerts different users who may then hire for the seats. You enjoy the ultra-luxurious UberPool version.

JetSmarter is the starting for the new world and every On-Demand flyers. The world is at your fingertips with instant digital booking and global business jet access.


JSX is a hybrid between flying a private jet and commercial experience. There have frequent flights in California. For instance, 30-seat JSX operates between Burbank and Oakland several times each day by paying less than $300 round-trip. Wait no more to enjoy services between the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and the US. The firm operates diligently to maintain a balanced membership foundation while providing unparalleled reach to the fleet. Nicholas Air offers flexible, efficient, and innovative private air services.

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