In Australia, there are five different species of termites, which shows that these pests are more common than you think.

Termites are terrible news for homeowners as they wreak havoc on homes and can be impossible to fully eliminate. But there are preventative measures you can take to limit the damage and say goodbye to these unwanted visitors for good. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re concerned about termites and want to learn how to prevent them.

Hit the nail on the head? No worries; we’ve got you! Here are useful tips for preventing termites.

Divert Water Away From Your Property

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One of the best ways to prevent termites is by diverting water away from your property. It’s no surprise that these pesky critters love wood, so make sure that it stays dry and termite-free. Because of this, regularly clean your gutters and downspouts to prevent any blockages.

As a general rule, you want water to flow away from your property as it will stop still water from building up.

Perform Routine Property Maintenance

If you’re unsure how to prevent termites, regularly maintain your property before any issues occur. This means caulking any cracks in the walls and ensuring your attic is well ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. Also, use treat your wooden deck because termites are less interested in material that has been combined with chemicals.

Don’t Store Wood Near Your Property

A termite infestation often occurs when there are piles of wood laid around. The problem is that this is food for unwanted visitors as it keeps them hydrated and attracts even more termites. To prevent this, remove any piles of wood or debris near the property’s foundation.

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Trim and Mow Your Yard

Aside from laying down termite prevention treatment, you should be mindful of keeping your yard thin and clean. Make sure you prune any bushes close to your home and trim shrubbery to enhance airflow, so no moisture can build up. You should also regularly mow the lawn and rake out the excess as it will prevent termites from staying near your property.

Eliminate Food Sources

Another great preventative measure is eliminating food sources. Most pests invade homes because they detect food, which includes anything with cellulose or even paper products. Because of this, remove tree stumps, newspaper, and rotting wood.

Get Regular Inspections

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Get ahead of termite damage by booking a regular pest inspection. A reputable company will reveal the telltale signs, so you’ll know what to look out for. You’ll also learn the top preventative measures, which will protect your home and save you a fortune in repairs.

Top Tips for Preventing Termites

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re an expert at preventing termites in your home.

There are many ways to prevent termites from entering your home, such as diverting water away from your property and performing regular home maintenance. You should also book a pest inspection and eliminate food sources. Good luck!

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