The bond we share with our siblings is a special, magical, and funny one. We grow up together, loving, laughing, fighting, and sharing space, time and hobbies together. With our brothers and sisters, we have the fondest memories and some of the most embarrassing moments. We spend a huge part of our lives together and as we grow older, we get a more comfortable stay in touch with siblings.

They are our strength, our partners in crime, our secret keepers, and our anchors in blues yet they never miss a chance to grill us or tease us to get what they want. That’s how it is for most of us. No matter how annoying they can get at times, we still love our siblings. That’s innate. They are our go-to people when we need support. Unfortunately, nothing stays the same and so, our siblings have to move away for education or work, and one day, we might not be able to see them every day. Therefore, even though they are close to our hearts, we can be separated by distance.

The current global pandemic situation has made it even worse. All sorts of traveling have come to a halt. Everyone stays where they are because the truth is, we cannot even step out of our house these days as the COVID-19 risks get higher. Amidst the lockdown and social distancing, it has become almost impossible to meet our distant siblings in person.

Gone are the days when we would just pack up our bag, buy a ticket and surprise our loved ones with a sudden visit. Nowadays, the irony is that we are keeping them safe by staying away as a precaution. It is all we can do to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. However, technology has been our savior in these challenging times.

Communicative technology gives you many opportunities to not only stay in touch but also grow the sibling bond stronger than ever. And there is no rocket science in that too. You just need to get your hands on a reliable and fast internet connection, something like Time Warner internet, and that is pretty much all you need to break distance barriers and indulge in activities together with your adorable siblings, no matter where they are.

Here are the best technological inventions that might help you stay in touch with siblings living far, far away.

Video Chatting

Video Chatting

You can always video chat to stay in touch with siblings anytime you want. It makes a face-to-face conversation possible and allows you to connect better on an emotional level. You can set time aside to talk to each other and interact in a better way. Making it possible to connect within a matter of seconds and share everything you want, video chat is surely one of the best options to stay in touch with siblings.

Share HD Photos and Videos

The internet has transformed our lives when it comes to convenience. You can share high-definition photos to keep each other informed of whatever is going on in your lives and get more involved. It’s not just limited to photos or videos, but much more than that.

Social media platforms further allow us to bond together and stay in touch with siblings. We can share our precious moments with our siblings who are not with us. Thereby, we make sure they are a part of our lives and know the good or bad times we are going through. This is another good way to stay in touch with siblings.

Play Online Games together

Play Online Games together

This trend has gained more impetus during the lockdown. If you are a gamer and so is your sibling, voila! There’s no better way to stay in touch than to have online gaming sessions together. They are a whole lot of fun, and there are so many games out there to choose from that you and your siblings like the most. It is even exciting to try out new games now and then, so the thrill never stops.

Binge Watch TV Together

Binge Watch TV Together

What makes the sibling bond grow stronger are shared interests. You might be poles apart when it comes to personalities and points of view but watching the same shows you love together like Game of Thrones, Money Heist, or Narcos, etc. can help you all spend quality time together, discuss the episodes, and have interesting conversations.

Online streaming services can be of great help in this regard since you can binge-watch shows and movie series anytime you want to, and you are not bound to follow any strict schedules, as is the case with traditional TV. Thus, it is very convenient to choose a time when you can watch your favorite shows together to be followed by enthusiastic discussions.

Wrapping Up

In these challenging times, it is the support from our loved ones that we seek and that helps us keep going. If you miss your siblings who live far away, you can indulge in the aforementioned activities to stay more involved and connected to them. Don’t let the lockdown stop us from having happy moments stay in touch with siblings who have a special place in our hearts.