Vaping is a fun and popular way to enjoy yourself, but if you don’t know how to travel with your gear, you could suffer damaged equipment, security delays, and even legal issues. However, with knowledge of air travel regulations and airline appropriate storage cases, you can enjoy vaping wherever you go.

To learn more about top tips to help you travel with vaping products, keep reading this simple guide!

Know the Law on Vaping Products for Your Travel Destinations

Depending on where you plan on traveling, you should be aware of any local laws and regulations that may impact your ability to vape. For example, countries, including Finland, Denmark, Australia, Norway, and Japan have banned the sale of vaping products that have nicotine.

However, you are allowed to import e-liquids with nicotine, so you would need to stock up before you left. If you’re looking for great products, have a great selection of the best e liquid.

Other countries have banned vaping, such as the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Singapore, and Hong Kong. You should particularly avoid vaping in Thailand, which could land you a ten-year jail sentence. Being aware of and potential legal issues can save you a lot of trouble.

Know What Gear Can Be Carried on and Where It Has to Be

If you don’t know what vaping products should go in which luggage, you could have your equipment confiscated or even run afoul of air travel regulations.

For example, you should make sure to put any vape batteries into your carry on luggage, as they could become flammable. You should also place any loose batteries in a padded container and wrap them in electrical tape.

Any vape pens also have to be put in your carry on, particularly if they have integrated batteries. All e-liquids brought on an airplane must be 3.4 ounces or less and fit inside a one-quart, clear ziptop plastic bag. It should be noted, however, that using your vape pen on an airplane is very illegal and could result in your arrest.

Make Sure to Leave Your Marijuana Products at Home

While it may be legal for you to use marijuana products in your home state, they remain illegal under federal law. If you are thinking of bringing a vape that you use to consume marijuana products, make sure that you clean it very thoroughly. 

You should never fly with any marijuana or marijuana products and under no circumstances take said products to other states or countries. You could face charges such as international drug trafficking which come with steep consequences.

Learn Your Airlines Rules and Regulations About Vaping Products

Before you travel with your vaping equipment, make sure you know what your airline’s storage requirements are. Vaping is now common enough that most airlines have their rules about vaping listed on their websites.

A quick read can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Prior Planning Allows Travel with Your Vaping Equipment Safely and Legally

For the cost of a few minutes of reading and a bit of pre-travel preparation, you can travel with vaping products in style.

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