Vatican: The Popes John XXIII And John Paul II, To Be Declared Saints

The pontiff trotting the globe who led Catholic Church nearly for twenty-seven years, Pope John Paul II as well as Pope John XXIII, the one who called for the reforming 2nd Vatican Council would be declared to be saints, said the Vatican on Friday.

Vatican said that Pope Francis approved another 2nd miracle that was attributed with John Paul, one Pole who got elected in the year 1978 as 1st pope who was non-Italian in around 450 years. He died in the year 2005. The progression he has acquired to sainthood happens to be the fastest during these modern times.

Vatican also told that Pope John XXIII, reigning from the year 1958-1963 and who did call the 2nd Vatican Council of 1962-1965, will be made saint even if he has been credited only with 1 miracle since the time of his death.Canonization ceremonies that will probably bring 100,000s of people in Rome are speculated this year.

Already, John Paul was credited of asking God of curing one French nun with Parkinson’s disease, a malady that he also had before being beatified in the year 2011.The usual requirement to be declared a saint under the Vatican rules is 2 confirmed miracles.

2nd miracle that’s attributed to him is the curing of one woman from Costa Rica who prayed to John Paul for help regarding her condition medically on his beatification day.

Where Pope John XXIII is concerned, who was called good Pope, customary rules were waived by Francis requiring 2nd miracle after the beatification, according to Father Lombardi. It was in the year 2000 that John XXIII got beatified.

Francis is known of having much admiration for Pope John, being born of the peasant stock, somewhere in the northern Italy.In history, John Paul became known as globe-trotting Pope who visited all inhabited continents in over hundred trips outside of Italy.

The Last Days Of John Paul Watched By The World:

Millions in the world watched on TV struggle of John Paul with the ill health when he was about to pass away.Also, he was credited to be instrumental in fall of the communism within Eastern Europe during 1989 due to his defense of trade union Solidarity in Poland, his native.

After the martial law got declared in 1981 in Poland, he is thought to have informed the Soviet leader at that time, Leonid Brezhnev, saying if Russia did invade Poland then he would go back home.

Mehmet Ali Agca was the Turkish gunman who nearly killed John Paul and shot him on 13th May, 1981 at St. Peter’s. Two trials didn’t succeed to prove the accusations by magistrates of Italy that secret services of Bulgaria had carried the plot along with Agca on Soviet Union’s behalf.

Many millions attended funeral during 2005, April, and millions shouted “Santo Subito” which means “make him saint at once.”Benedict, his successor, waived church rule which normally does require 5-year period of waiting before preliminaries to the sainthood could even begin.

Jews respect John Paul due to his visit to the synagogue of Rome in 1986, the first of Pope to Jewish temple.Already he is considered saint by many of the Poland countrymen, having supported the bid for the freedom on world stage nearly for eleven years before Berlin Wall during 1989.Ewa Jezierska, aged 72, a Warsaw’s Polish saleswoman said that she was very happy and could hardly wait.

It is said by liberals in Church that John Paul was very harsh with the theological dissenters wanting to assist the poor, especially within Latin America. The others say that he should immediately be held responsible for the scandals of sexual abuse because they did occur or come to light at the time he happened to be in charge.

Also, John Paul attracted criticism because he supported late Father Marcial Maciel, defending him in spite of the sexual abuse which turned out true later on.

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