According to 10 January, 2013 in Medicare out of 106 the following three are selected as new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Diagnostic Clinic Walgreens Well Network, Scott & White Walgreens Network and Advocare Walgreens Well Network, and the secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius announced at 10 January, 2013 that ACOs ensures more than 4 million beneficiaries related to Medicare around the United States and they have access to coordinated and high quality care. The New Accountable Care Organizations can be established by the health care providers or the professionals to provide the best quality care to the patients. After the Affordable Act has passed since then about 250 Accountable Care Organizations have developed. Beneficiaries can choose the doctors from outside or inside the Accountable care organization while using these ACOs. The savings are shared with Medicare which is generated by the ACOs by lowering the costs of health care growth while the standards of the care quality are also kept in view.


Secretary Sebelius said that the people are delivered best quality care of health also makes savings for the Medicare. The secretary also thanks to the Affordable Care Act with the help of which more hospitals and doctors are voluntarily joining the ACOs and with Medicare they are serving people with good quality care beyond their expectations. The standards must be met by the ACOS to make sure that the achievements of savings are being made by the improvements of care coordination and facilitating the patients with timely, safe and appropriate care. 33 quality measures are established by the Medicare $ Medicaid services (CMS) centres on care coordination and safety of the patient and experience of caregiver, and improvement of care at risk populations, and proper use of the services regarding prevention of health. For more than four years the federal savings are made about $940 million.

Across the country the diverse cross section of practices are included in the new Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). 10000 beneficiaries are being served by the physician-led organizations which compose half of the ACOs. Critical access hospitals, rural health care centres, and community health care centres compose 20% of ACOs and serve the rural and low income communities. 15 Advance Payment Model ACOs, Rural or Physician-based providers are also included in the report announced by the group at 10 January, 2013 and they will benefit to invest in electronic health record system, infrastructure and staff so that the care coordination could be improved. Medicare will compensate the amount over time by the future savings. Together with ACOs the Pioneer ACO program are launched by the CMS in 2012 which is a large group of providers enabling the institution to make financial progress at a large scale which will help in care of the patients. Nationwide about 4 million beneficiaries will be served by the partner’s of Medicare. a report was issued by HHS at 10 January, 2013 which should that the Affordable Act effected the spending growth of Medicare at a large scale.

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