Australia has a host of sporting events to look forward to. You can have all the adrenaline rush you want, or take a long break. This country boasts of impressive athleticism, artistic performances, and world-famous events. Experience fierce competition in riveting sports events here. There is something for everyone on the  Australian sports calendar – casual, fun, intense, and thrilling.

With sports, get to enjoy a fair share of fun and fresh air by soaking up the music and the culture of Australia. Choose from various events and things to do around the country and feed your passions.

  • With a fascinating culture for performing arts, Australia organizes an array of festivals, comedy shows, exhibitions, etc. Stimulate your senses as you meet the best of artists and performers. The events are full of street parades where everyone gets to enjoy the community celebrations.
  • Australia without food is unimaginable. This is a delightful place to enjoy a variety of food and wine festivals. Check out the best options during the food festivals, which entice locals and tourists alike.
  • Being in Australia, you can’t miss the country’s concerts and music festivals that are unforgettable experiences. With multiple world music performances every month, you can choose music options ranging from indie, pop, rock or classical, based on your preferences.
  • Get the best thrill of your life while surfing and rafting through the seas of Tasmania. Go out snorkeling through the Great Barrier Reef too. Don’t miss out on any of the oceanic activities, which are the highlight of the country.
  • If you are in Australia, attending sports events is compulsory, so witness lives cricket matches at any of the stadia – at Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. Enjoy the summer with the Australian Open in Melbourne, for two weeks of pure tennis. EPL is one of the season’s sell-out events.It is advised to plan your trip well in advance and buy EPL tickets to reserve your place. Melbourne Cricket Ground hosts the Australian Rules Football, drawing huge crowd, every weekend. Attend the event and cheer for your favourite team.
  • If you are in Australia during the New Year, enjoy viewing a spectacular show of fireworks at the Sydney harbor from 9 pm till midnight.
  • One of the wildest things to do in Australia is to go out for a cruise to the secluded beaches of Australia. You get to see an array of luscious waterfalls at Kimberley and even enjoy the coastal food.
  • Offering some thrilling rides, Australia’s Gold Coast includes one of the best adventure parks in the world. It is home to several roller coaster rides, water slides, and a garage filled with wildlife.
  • Want to have an unforgettable train journey across the continent which comprises 2979 kilometers? Take a 3-day trip across the continent from Darwin to Adelaide or a 4-day trip from Sydney to Perth to feast your eyes.
  • Australia also has the most extended mountain range where one gets to experience a unique adventure of skiing and snowboarding. Enjoy the hiking trails and ski slope through gum trees if you are in for a bit of adventure.
  • Lastly, on this list, Canberra can host a memorable experience for you with their hot air balloons, from which you can view the green landscapes, the impressive architecture, monuments, and sculptures of Australia.