Billions of people use the Internet every day which is why you should use the platform for marketing yourself as a reputable lawyer or attorney. The web is an inexpensive platform that can help you reach existing and potential clients as well as gain valuable information about them.

But with the number of legal experts using the same platform, how can you make sure that your marketing efforts stand out? What strategies should you use to effectively market yourself as a trustworthy lawyer or attorney? This article will provide answers to all of these questions.

Here are three ways lawyers and attorneys can market themselves better online:

1. Implement Social Media Strategies

Social Media Growth

Market yourself better online by implementing various social media strategies. Social media is an effective marketing tool as it’s said that many spend at least two hours daily on various social platforms.

To ensure positive results from your efforts, make sure you implement social media strategies with a plan. If you’re going to market yourself on social media on your own, determine what platform you’ll use and what type of content appeals the most to your target audience.

Alternatively, if you’re eyeing to hire professionals for your social media strategy, scout for options and determine what services you’ll avail of from them. This link here is an example of a digital marketing agency that can create and implement social media strategies on your behalf.

Regardless if you’re marketing on your own or using professional services, these social media strategies can surely help you market yourself better:

  • Use hashtags wisely: Most social media platforms today allow the use of hashtags in posts. They’re usually used as tags in order for other site users to look for content they’re interested in. Make wise use of trending or significant hashtags your target market uses to increase brand visibility over social media.
  • Utilize ads: There are billions of social media users across different platforms combined. You can easily market yourself through the platform by using video, poll, carousel, or slideshow ads each social media company has to offer. But it’s advised to assess which ones appeal most to your target audience before selecting an ad type.
  • Discuss topics on online forums: The Internet is the host of countless online forum sites that serve as a great platform to engage with potential clients, build your legal expertise, and promote yourself as being the best in the industry. You can participate in discussions and answer questions so that the public will know more about you and what you do as a law practitioner.

2. Tap Into The Power Of SEO

Visual Content

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves improving your website to increase your ranking online. An SEO-optimized website appears on the first Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs, making it easier for online users to find you online.

If you want to market yourself as a law professional, it’s crucial to use organic SEO methodologies. It’s believed that many online users consider a website on the first page of the SERPs more reliable and trustworthy than the websites displayed on the second and third pages.

Here are some organic SEO strategies you can use:

  • Content marketing: Content reigns supreme in SEO, so regularly publish high-quality content related to your practice. If you’re a family attorney, write articles and blogs about divorce, domestic violence, and child custody concerns.
  • Focus on content design: Use simple design elements on your website to ensure that online users can easily find what they’re looking for. Avoid adding too many pop-ups as this will only frustrate users and cause them to leave your website.
  • Optimize your site for mobile use: Ensure that the content people will see when they browse your website through a desktop is similar to when they use their smartphones.

3. Develop A Review Strategy

Develop A Review Strategy

The reviews left by your previous clients can influence how another person will look at you as a lawyer or attorney. If former customers didn’t leave any review about your services, online users will likely question your credibility, encouraging them to work with lawyers or attorneys who display five-star reviews on their websites or social media accounts.

Another way to market yourself as an attorney is to come up with a review strategy that seeks to ask for reviews from patrons. Ideally, you should ask for a review right after providing legal services so clients can easily recollect the experience. It’s also important to use online tools to make it easy for clients to send their reviews and leave comments.

In instances when clients leave a negative review, don’t disregard their comments. Instead, reply to the review, apologize, and ensure that you’ll provide better legal services in the future. This act shows how much you value your clients and their sentiments, creating a positive impression among online users.

Prioritize Quality All The Time

The key to marketing yourself better online is to focus on quality. Regardless if you only intend to follow one tip from this article, you’ll have better chances of succeeding if you ensure that every material you use is of high quality. Even in the legal industry, quality outweighs quantity.

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