Residents of Greenbelt, Maryland, are increasingly resorting to interventional pain management treatments to deal with acute and chronic pain. The unique scientific branch is relatively new but can effectively help control pain due to Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, and Spinal Stenosis, among other ailments.

There are several specialized clinics that offer interventional pain management in Greenbelt MD, ensuring residents of this fantastic city enjoy a better quality of life. But before delving into the details of how this kind of treatment helps, it is worth studying what it actually entails.

Typical Interventional Pain Relief Treatments

Typical Interventional Pain Relief Treatments

Located in Prince George Country, Greenbelt is among the most spectacular historic cities in Maryland, home to over twenty-three thousand and two hundred people. And a considerable number of this population depends on interventional specialists for effective pain management.

Commonly, most city residents opt for injectables and physical therapy to deal with severe pain due to nerve inflammation. Several of these treatments often involve specialized fluoroscopes, x-rays, scans, and ultrasound equipment that can help diagnose the root cause of the pain.

Also, many folks in the area need to get epidural injections, which typically include steroids or anesthetic medication being administered to targeted areas in the spine. That’s because spinal issues are widespread in Greenland, MD, with a number of residents suffering from Herniated Discs, Stenosis, and Degenerative Disc Disease, among other ailments.

Finally, specialists treat locals with discography, facet joint injections, kyphoplasty, occipital nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, and rhizotomy treatments.

When to See a Pain Management Specialist

Most people in Greenbelt, MD, opt to see a pain specialist when the chronic pain they are experiencing refuses to go away. This type of persistent pain can be caused by several reasons, such as surgery, unexpected injuries, severe arthritis, and nerve disorders. In most cases, conservative or traditional treatments may not always work, leaving patients to suffer intolerable pain every day.

Fortunately, interventional pain care clinics in the city provide minimally invasive, non-surgical therapies that effectively decrease the pain levels of residents in three weeks or even less. While many of these local specialists are surgeons themselves, they offer their patients the option to avoid surgery whenever possible.

Pros of Interventional Pain Care

City residents claim there are several benefits of using pain management in Greenbelt, MD, as it has effectively enabled them to live pain-free lives. Some of the most undeniable and excellent pros are listed below.

Back Pain

  • Targeted Treatment – Most traditional pain medication affects the entire body and usually blocks the pain for only a couple of hours. But the interventional pain care that professionals provide in Greenland, MD, ensures that the very root cause of the illness is dealt with effectively. They use sophisticated equipment to target specific parts of the nerves and body to inject the medication with accuracy.
  • Quick Relief – Many city residents claim the pain care they receive in these clinics provides them with an instant reprieve from constant, chronic pain. That’s because the treatments and therapies range from medication and injectables to other noninvasive procedures.
  • Fewer Side Effects – It is common knowledge that most pain medication comes with diverse and unpleasant side effects that can cause immense discomfort to individuals. However, interventional pain management clinics in the city ensure to follow procedures and methods that have little to no side effects. The treatments are very safe and ensure there are no complications.
  • Minimally Invasive Therapies – Interventional pain management primarily uses only a needle as most of the treatments require injections. This helps locals avoid, or at least delay, high-risk surgeries such as joint replacements.
  • Decreased Opioid Dependency – Several residents end up in pain care clinics because they do not want opioid dependence, which is a genuine threat. In turn, the specialists here use a combination of targeted treatments and physical therapy, which can help patients rely on fewer opioid-based medications or avoid them altogether.
  • Lasting Relief – An incredible benefit of opting for interventional pain treatment is that the relief lasts for a considerable amount of time. Several Greenland, MD, locals have received therapy without having to go back for further treatment for at least a couple of months.


Pains and Aches

A critical thing most residents may not be aware of is the fact that interventional pain management treatment may often involve restorative and behavioral therapies besides medication. This kind of treatment is primarily for patients whose cognitive abilities have taken a hit because of the chronic pain they suffer every day.

However, remember that the ultimate aim of any interventional treatment is to alleviate (or eliminate) pain as quickly as possible while minimizing the patients’ need for medication. Inevitably, the number of people turning to this form of treatment for pain relief in Greenland, MD, is increasing steadily.

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