Did you know that the highest-earning TikTok stars make upwards of $1 million a year? These social media celebs have endless streams of followers and consistent post engagement. How do they do it?

They knew how to boost TikTok account authority. This is the key to wider post distribution and establishing a solid fan base. Keep reading to find out the three best practices to increase your TikTok account ranking.

1. First Five Videos

First Five Videos

The minute you start posting on TikTok you start losing authority. Making certain your first five videos are high quality is essential. They should be the best representation of what you have to offer.

TikTok has account tiers that determine how widely your videos are distributed. Content with lots of likes and engagement moves to the next tier, which means more exposure. There are several ways to increase the number of likes you receive.

Start by creating a memorable profile with an easy to remember username. Study current trends and create high-quality, relatable content with your own unique spin. Link your other social media to TikTok so your followers can find you from any platform.

Most importantly, make sure you are posting often and engaging in similar content from other users. Getting TikTok views is vital to boosting your account ranking.

2. Deleted Videos

Do NOT delete videos. TikTok algorithms see deleted videos as an indicator of poor performance and quality. This will decrease your account authority and could affect content outreach.

Unlike YouTube and Instagram, TikTok distributes your videos more than once. Be patient. Just because you don’t have 500 views in the first hour doesn’t mean your video won’t perform later.

A lot of posts experience what is known as a “delayed explosion,” or an uptick in likes and engagement long after the initial posting date. A good rule of thumb is to only delete a video if it has been viewed by 1% or less of your fan base.

3. Theme Uniformity

Theme Uniformity

Before you delve into a frenzy of posting, make sure that all of your content adheres to a common theme. Successful TikTokers know that sticking to one subject matter or niche is the key. This uniformity boosts your TikTok authority and helps you jump up through those account tiers.

Maintaining a central theme helps build a core fanbase that will consistently watch and engage in your posts. One study by Kleiner Perkins showed that TikTok users are on the app for a daily average of 52 minutes. That’s 52 minutes of potential.

A user that likes one of your videos will often spend time checking out what else you’ve posted. If you deviate from your niche, your potential followers could lose interest in your content. Videos that are watched to the end boost TikTok authority.

Boost TikTok Authority

Start off strong, stand behind your decisions, and remain consistent. These are the best ways to boost your TikTok authority. Employing them will help you climb the TikTok tier system and reach a larger user base.

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