7 Ways to Combat Alcohol Cravings

Many folks would tell you that an alcohol addiction is an addiction for life. Others would disagree. However, one thing is for sure: dealing with alcohol addiction is a difficult challenge to overcome. Even months or years down the line, someone who has overcome alcohol addiction might still combat alcohol cravings from time to time.

Below are some ways one might be able to help combat their alcohol cravings.

1. Engage in a Hobby

Part of alcohol recovery is making lifestyle changes. Positive distractions like partaking in a hobby are said to be useful to help people combat a craving for alcohol. Hobbies can be as simple as reading books or drawing, or can be more elaborate like ballroom dancing or mountain climbing.

2. Speak Your Mind with a Loved One

Many people find that when they talk to someone they love and trust, it’s easier for them to overcome their problems. Sometimes we just need to vent to get things off our chest. Other times, we seek advice and reassurance from others.

3. Find New Ways to Manage Your Stress

Often, an alcohol addiction starts as a form of comfort. Many might choose to drink when they’re feeling stressed. If you fall under this category, finding new ways to properly manage your stress will be important. Taking up yoga or meditation, getting a good workout in, or trying breathing exercises can all help.

4. Stay Away from Bad Influences

For many people with an alcohol addiction, bad influences often come in the form of people. Distancing yourself from those who trigger, enable, or encourage your cravings is critical. This might mean going no contact with someone who has abusive tendencies, breaking off a romantic relationship, or moving out of a home you share with someone who’s a bad influence.

5. Consider Medication to Combat Alcohol Cravings

For those dealing with alcohol cravings, there are special prescription medications that one might find relief from. Or if one’s reason for their alcohol craving partially has to do with, say, depression or anxiety, medication for one of these might help. Speak with a doctor regarding the best medication(s) option for you.

6. Talk to a Therapist

Sometimes it isn’t enough to talk to a loved one, or they might not have a trusted friend or family member they can reach out to. When you need a professional to talk to when struggling with alcohol cravings, reaching out to a licensed therapist can be a great option.

These days, there are many therapist options from in-person therapists, to online therapists you can video chat with, to therapists you can speak with over the phone or send messages to.

7. Seek Help at a Treatment Center

Admitting you need help is a big, important step in addiction recovery. Sometimes the help you need might be found in an Alcohol Treatment Center.


Saying no to an alcohol craving isn’t easy. The good news is, it’s not impossible to combat a craving for alcohol. Engaging in a hobby, speaking with a loved one, and attending an alcohol treatment center are all options worth considering that might work for you.

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