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Ways to Develop and Maintain a Profitable Music Career

With streaming services offering pennies to artists and the oversaturation within the entertainment marketplace, it can be hard for a musician to make their name and develop a profitable music career. However, it’s not impossible. If you’d like to launch yourself as an independent artist, you can be very successful in your efforts. With dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Alternatively, you’ll want to become extremely knowledgeable regarding what it takes to become successful within the music industry. When you’re creating a blueprint and a game plan, consider the following components. 

YouTube Videos

If you take a look at the content on YouTube, you’ll realize that music has the power to go really far with this type of platform. In order to build your visibility, it’s an excellent idea to start doing consistent covers of other songs. Don’t just opt to do covers within your genre. Instead, branch out and give your perspective on other songs. If you’re a country artist, do a cover on a popular R&B song that’s currently on the radio. When it’s in heavy rotation on the radio, this means that many people are already looking for the song on YouTube. Make sure that you use the proper keywords to help your videos become visible. It’s also a great idea to cover classics and throwback songs. As long as you have natural light, a camera on your phone and a simple microphone, you can create amazing videos on a consistent basis. 

Online Content

In addition to producing amazing videos featuring your beautiful music, it’s a great idea to develop a website. This website is where people can come to learn more about you and your music. It’s also wise to combine your website efforts with a social media presence. As you share snippets of your music, make sure that you create visually captivating images and inspiring messages that are in line with your brand. When you’re able to redirect people to your website from social media, invite them to join your email list. When you have an email list, you can keep in touch with your consumers. You can send them updates regarding the music production process, new music and more. When it’s time to release the music, release it to those on your list first. Ask them to support you by leaving reviews on Apple Music and other streaming platforms. When this happens, you’ll be able to build buzz and conversation around your music with a strong tribe. 


Once you’ve built up a certain amount of followers and engagement, start going on small tours. Too often, musicians underestimate the amount of support they’d actually get if they went on tour. If you have a few musicians within your niche who are building their visibility as well, consider a joint tour. As you promote the tour dates in various cities, you’ll be able to generate a certain amount of income. As you continue to tour on a regular basis, your fan base will continue to increase. Before long, you’ll be able to afford to go on tour by yourself. Consider hiring a business manager who has experience with touring. You don’t want to go into this type of effort blindly.


Though it is a humbling option, there are plenty of people who have been successful with the crowdsourcing efforts. When you’re exploring ideas to earn extra money, don’t count this idea out. One of the ways you can crowdsource is by providing value to the public in a tangible way. Once that happens, you can attach your crowdsourcing page to the mix and ask for donations. You might decide to release a single for free download. If you’re a local artist, you can host a live concert for the holidays. At the concert, you can be sure to encourage people to offer donations. Live concerts can be expensive, so it’s wise to plan in advance and find ways to cut costs. If you can book a venue that’s free, that’s a major expense you don’t have to think about. If you have friends who will decorate and create the right ambiance, this is another way to keep costs low. When you have a bunch of captivated audience members in one space, it’ll be easier to generate a certain amount of income at one time.


While you’re on tour, it’s an excellent idea to sell merchandise. Most independent artists will admit that a large portion of their profits comes from selling merchandise. If you have a catchy slogan in one of your songs, create a t-shirt with that slogan. If you’re always sipping a particular type of tea in your YouTube videos, trademark your own brand of tea to sell online. Get creative with the types of merchandise you offer to your followers. Tote bags, candles and apparel are just a few of the dynamic options to consider.

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