The fashion industry keeps on taking turns and bringing significant changes in clothing. When it comes to men’s fashion, there is a lot to consider, no matter if you talk about the casual or the formal attires. For most of the parts, men wear collared shirts, and it is something that has never really been down.

No tuck shirts are the ideal choice of every man because they can be worn not only at fancy job interviews but also for going out for eating with your friends, on a date, or to go to a bar. They are an ideal choice for wearing to go to your workplace as well. So you are not supposed to invest money in buying tucked shirts if you have a few good quality and tucked shirts.

All you need is to follow the rules for or wearing them

Rule number 1: always get the right size

There is nothing like one-size-fits-all when it comes to the dresses. A well-looking dress is all about getting the right length and the right fit. If you want your shirt to fall at the perfect spot, keep in mind that it should fall somewhere in the middle of your zipper, and it should show a bit of your pants pocket. This creates a flattering and comfortable to wear look. Furthermore, this length is called the perfect length for untucked shirts.

Along with the length, you should never overlook the fitting of the shirt as well. Something too tight or too baggy will make you look bad.

When buying a new shirt, check if the same falls right in the top of your shoulder instead of biceps, and the buttons should comfortably allow two of your fingers to pass through rather than looking stretched or ready to open. Also, stand tall and make sure that the back of the shirt is falling 3 to 4 inches at your hips.

Rule number 2: try to find something crease free

As a single man, you will probably not like to iron your shirts every time before wearing them. So try to find something that does not need iron at all. Most of the Antarctic shirts are made from synthetic fibers that stay wrinkle-free and look clean and crisp all the time.

All you need to do is to hang them straight right after taking them out of the washing machine. While your shirt is hanging, try to hand press it to smoothen the wrinkles to make the chances of even the fine lines very unlikely.

Roll number 3: avoid the boxy look

Boxy look refers to the extra amount of fabric that falls from both sides when you are wearing a shirt. This is something that makes your body look larger and in bad shape. For a modest look, always get the right size that fits your body perfectly, but be aware it should not appear too narrow.

Thinking about these rules, keep your body shape in shape so that it can dress up for yourself appropriately. One thing to note is that if you wear no tuck shirts correctly, you do not need to spend money on buying extra dress shirts for yourself.

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