Did you know that more than 12% of the total US population lives in California? That’s a whole lot of people calling our great state home.

And even though California only had a 0.2% increase in population in 2019, a record low, it’s still an additional 87,000 residents.

With over 40 million total residents, California’s roads are busy. There are lots of drivers out and about every day.

That means that there are lots of rules and regulations for drivers in California aimed at keeping our busy roads safe.

Are you a new driver in California? Or have you recently moved here? Here are the things you need to know about driving on the west coast.

What to Do When Moving to California

What to Do When Moving to California

When moving to any new state, there are a number of housekeeping things to take care of. Establishing your home in California means taking a trip to the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles.

You’ll want to get a California’s drivers license within 10 days of moving to the state. Make sure to also register your vehicle and get a new license plate within 20 days of moving here.

Have your vehicle’s title and previous registration handy. Your vehicle may require a physical inspection, and you may need to pass a written driver’s test.

Looking for easy DMV services? That’s understandable, as wait times at the DMV can be outrageously long. Visit placasalinstante.com to take care of some of your basic DMV services.

What Drivers in California Need to Be Aware Of

Every state has different laws regarding the operation of motor vehicles. Make sure to study up on California specific-laws before hitting the road. Here are a few examples.

How to Avoid Traffic Tickets in California

How to Avoid Traffic Tickets in California

Don’t talk on your cell phone or text when driving. Some states allow you to talk on the phone, but in California, you’ll get a ticket.

California also has designated carpool lanes on many of the busiest highways. If you are the only person in your vehicle, driving in a carpool lane can get you a ticket. However, those operating hybrid or all-electric vehicles can also use the carpool lane without additional passengers.

Many turns have posted speed limits. Taking a turn faster than the posted speed can definitely get you a ticket as well.

While you can definitely get a ticket for speeding, you are probably more likely to get a ticket for going too slow. A slow driver on a busy highway is more noticeable than a speeding driver.

Also, try not to pass slow-moving vehicles on the right. Only pass on the left, unless you want a ticket.

And be aware of motorcycles. There is a huge population of motorcyclists in California. They are allowed to drive between lanes of traffic, known as lane-splitting. Always use a turn signal and look over your shoulder before changing lanes or turning.

Safe, Efficient Driving in the Busiest State

Remember, traffics laws are aimed at keeping our overly busy roads safer. Drivers in California should be proud when they follow these laws. It also saves a lot of money not having to pay for expensive tickets.

Looking for additional information on laws and moving to a new location? Be sure to visit our blog for more helpful tips.

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