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What are Dab Rigs and Are They Right For You?

Dab Rigs or what are otherwise called Oil Rigs are water pipes that allow you to use wax, oil, or concentrates of cannabis that are known as dabs.  These tiny hits pack a heavy punch. A dab is a single hit of THC that gets into your system faster because it’s delivered through a water cooling filtration process through Dab Rigs.  

Dabbing got its name simply because it’s small, and a dab, like a dab of paint, is small.  No clever meaning there it’s straightforward just like a dab is when you hit it.  However, it doesn’t pull any punches despite its size and will get you high in a short matter of time. Essentially a dab is a slang term for what are technically known as cannabis concentrates. Dabs started to gain popularity when butane hash oil came around.  

Dab Rigs are basically purpose-built water pipes which are made for use with oils, extracts, and waxes.  When you use a Dab Rig you will get the most direct and no holds barred type of consumption you can find.  

Dab Rigs are extremely popular with medical marijuana users since they have less drag.  Reducing the drag makes for a quick and direct route of delivery into your system, and therefore a faster more intense high or relief of pain for that matter.  

Dab Rigs have nails.  These nails are what you latch the extract or wax onto.  After that, you heat the nail and in turn the wax. You can get a Dab Rig with an e-nail which obviously functions electronically or you can use a butane torch which I personally prefer.  The torch is just more fun.

Glass Dab Rigs are ideal, especially if you get one with high-quality glass.  This will last you a long time and frankly, it’s probably healthier for you in the long run.  

Where Did the Art of Dabbing Come From?

Dabbing has come a long way in its evolution.  When people first started dabbing they would take a hot knife and drop the wax on it before they inhaled the vapors coming from it.  

Then, there was the Skillet Method.  The Skillet Method was used with the older model of Dab Rigs.  The had extended glass stems and a flat metal dish on the bottom.  What you did with the skillet method was drop your dab into the hot dish. After that, you inhaled pulling the vapors up through the tube and down the hatch into the lungs for an extra heavy rip.  

Following the Skillet Method came the Domeless and Domeless Nail.  The Domeless Nail basically replaced the skillet and made Dab Rigs less bulky.  Then, the Domeless came on the scene and you didn’t need a dome to keep the smoke in your rig or bong.  After that, we come to where we are now with the current set of Dab Rigs and it’s been a great evolution for enthusiasts and medical marijuana users alike.  

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