Dabbing isn’t a new concept. In fact, its popularity expands beyond the past ten years! Since 2013, its popularity has only continued to increase.

As dabbing continues to grow in popularity, people are starting to wonder what are the benefits of dabbing?

Dabbing is similar to vaping and smoking. The process involves heating the cannabis product and inhaling it to enjoy its effects. With dabbing, there are a few minor differences that make the entire process safer and more discreet.

Do you prefer inhaling your cannabis products but dislike the potentially harmful effects of traditional smoking or vaping? Then dabbing may be the right choice for you. Check out these benefits of dabbing and how you can try it, too!

What Is Dabbing?

What Is Dabbing

Dabbing is one of the most efficient methods of consuming cannabis products. Cannabis products come in a variety of concentrates including wax, oil, budder, and shatter. Dabbing is a way of consuming this product in vapor form.

The process of dabbing involves the vaporization of a highly concentrated form of cannabis through a special dabbing oil rig. The rig heats the concentrate until it turns into a vapor allowing you to inhale it.

Unlike smoking cannabis flower, vaporizing a concentrate gives you a more potent hit. You’ll enjoy a greater level of purity by dabbing a concentrate than you will by smoking or vaping the cannabis flower. This also reduces your need to inhale inactive and potentially harmful compounds.

You should note that dabbing and dabs aren’t the same things. Dabbing is a process of heating and vaporizing the concentrate to create a dab. A dab is the resulting resin of the concentrated cannabis after processing.

The Parts of Dabbing

As mentioned, the dabbing process consists of a form of cannabis concentrate and a rig to heat and vaporize the concentrate.

Cannabis concentrates include:

  • Oil: thick liquid concentrate
  • Wax: a thicker honey-like substance
  • Shatter: hard substance similar to glass
  • Budder: a thick sticky substance

Some concentrates, like certain oils and tinctures, are best for sublingual use. Double-check the concentrate to ensure it’s safe for vaporizing.

Dabbing devices, also known as dab rigs, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Most dabbing devices consist of the glass piece or rig, the torch lighter, the nail, and sometimes a dabber.

The nail is the heating element where you place the concentrate. A dabber is a small stick you can use to apply the concentrate to the nail.

The nail requires a torch lighter to apply the heat unless you’re using an e-rig. Most dabbing rigs sell the torch separately but you can occasionally find a set. The benefit of selling the torch separately allows you to customize your dabbing to fit your needs and preferences.

Here’s a closer look at some of the dabbing devices available.

Inhalers and Recyclers

Inhalers and Recyclers

Recyclers are similar to bongs where they use water to help filter and smooth the smoke. Recyclers use multiple chambers to recycle the water to continue cooling and filtering the smoke. Inhalers use two chambers and a cyclone effect allowing the water to filter the smoke.

Both of these items are aesthetically pleasing, typically consist of glass, and are great for parties.


Silicone is almost completely indestructible making it a great choice for most peoples who enjoy smoking and dabbing their cannabis. Silicone is almost indestructible, resisting damage from heat, cracks, scratches, and warping. You can find silicone bubblers, bowls, and bongs as well.

If you’ve ever broken a glass dabbing rig, you’ll love the durability of silicone. It’s also more affordable than glass and comes in a variety of fun colors and shapes.

Nectar Collecting Rigs

Nectar collectors consist of a self-contained chamber designed to simplify the dabbing process. This dabbing device loosely resembles a straw with a mouthpiece on one end and the nail on the other. Place the prepared concentrate on the nail and inhale.

These rigs are small making them portable and discreet. Many people enjoy their simplicity and ease-of-use.


An e-rig is an all-in-one dabbing device with features and functions similar to a vape pen. E-rigs are easy to use and are a favorite of those who are always on-the-go and tech geeks. The downside is these rigs are more expensive and harder to fix.

Convert an Old Water Pipe

Most water pipes traditionally used for marijuana or tobacco can double as a dabbing rig. You’ll need to attach a nail or an angled adapter to your water pipe. This is a good choice for those trying dabbing for the first time and are unsure whether or not it’s right for them.

Finding the right device depends on your budget, preferences, and how you like to enjoy your cannabis or CBD. Dabbing rigs can range anywhere from around $30-$100 for a decent rig to over $1,000 for a high-end electric option.

The Dabbing Process

The process of dabbing is easy and similar to smoking the flower. You’ll need:

  • Concentrate, such as oil, wax, budder, or shatter
  • A water pipe, clean bong, or oil rig
  • A dabbing nail used to heat the concentrate
  • A torch to heat the nail, similar to those used in cooking or for lighting a flame
  • Dabber, a small rod to apply the concentrate
  • A dome, to trap the vapor before inhaling

Begin by preparing your concentrate but do not place it on the nail, yet. Light the torch and heat the nail until it’s red hot then allow it to cool for a few seconds. You’ll need to research the best nail temperatures for your type of concentrate.

Once slightly cooled, use a dabber to apply a small amount of concentrate, about the size of a crumb, to the nail. Slowly inhale as the concentrate vaporizes. Exhale and enjoy the experience.

The process for each type of dabbing rig including e-rigs is relatively the same. You place the concentrate on a heated nail and inhale.

If you’re vaporizing concentrates containing THC, you should take a moment to evaluate the effects. You should also sit while dabbing as the rust of THC can cause some individuals to feel dizzy.

Cannabis and other cannabis-related concentrates are more potent than the traditional flower. The effects are therefore more rapid and intense, especially for beginners.

The Benefits of Dabbing

The biggest benefit of dabbing is you receive a cleaner and stronger effect compared to a vaporizer or a joint. Dabbing works for both medicinal and recreational use although recreational users make up the vast majority of dabbing.

Dabbing concentrates offers many of the same benefits as vaping or consuming the flower or CBD. You can still feel a euphoric feeling or “high” when consuming marijuana concentrates. Dabbing THC or CBD can help manage pain, reduce feelings of anxiety, increase appetite, and reduce the symptoms of cancer treatment.

There are two primary benefits to dabbing over other forms of smoking and consuming cannabis.

A High Level of Purity

Consuming or vaporizing concentrates offers an unparalleled level of purity. You don’t need to inhale or vape any other inactive compounds from the cannabis plant.

When you smoke the cannabis plant or flower, the burned plant can harm your lung health. When burned, the plant produces hazardous smoke and toxic resin.

When you vaporize a cannabis concentrate, you can enjoy its benefits without having to deal with harmful substances. This can reduce your risk of developing smoke-related health issues later in life.

A Faster Stronger Effect

You can experience the effects of vaporizing a concentrate almost instantaneously. Dabbing allows those struggling with chronic pain, nausea, or anxiety to experience fast and effective relief.

Certain processes of dabbing concentrates won’t create a pungent marijuana odor. The lack of a cannabis odor makes dabbing a more discreet process compared to smoking the flower or other cannabis products.

You also have the ability to enjoy a range of different concentrates including CBD and Delta 8. Check out this website to learn more ways to enjoy Delta 8 CBD.

Dabbing CBD Concentrates

CBD comes in a variety of different concentrates including oils, waxes, budder, and shatter for vaporizing. These CBD concentrates contain high levels of cannabidiol which allows people to enjoy a higher dose in a shorter amount of time. Like THC concentrates, these concentrates are also safe for dabbing.

This allows people who want the benefits of CBD without the high to enjoy their CBD more safely and potently. Like with THC concentrates, CBD concentrates offer a greater level of purity and potency. When consumed via inhalation, the higher level of purity reduces the risk of inhaling unnecessary and sometimes harmful compounds.

Both CBD and THC concentrates may contain added terpenes for an improved flavor and scent. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds of a plant and are responsible for giving cannabis its distinct scent.

Methods of Concentrating

Methods of Concentrating

There are several methods of creating a cannabis concentrate but the two most popular options are butane and CO2.

Butane is an outdated form of extraction used by manufacturers that don’t have advanced modern-day equipment. The problem with butane concentrating is it leaves trace amounts of butane in the concentrate.

Butane is a highly flammable gas that’s extremely harmful to the human body. Consuming or inhaling trace amounts of butane can impact your health and lead to serious issues.

CO2 is a cleaner concentrating process that also creates a higher quality concentrate. This process works by pumping high pressured CO2 through the cannabis plant. The high pressure of the CO2 forces it to become a liquid and allowing it to extract the cannabinoids.

After the process, the pressure reduces to normal causing the CO2 to return to gas and evaporate from the cannabis concentrate. This prevents the risk of leaving behind and residual solvents that could harm your health or affect the purity of the concentrate. The final concentrate is highly refined and pure.

The process of dabbing doesn’t affect your health but the quality of the concentrate can. Always look for high-quality concentrates from reputable brands. These brands should be transparent about their processes and the quality of their concentrates.

Possible Disadvantages of Dabbing

The process of dabbing doesn’t cause any dangerous effects. The process is relatively safe due to the vaporizing or a pure concentrate and the filtration process of the vapor.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any potential disadvantages to dabbing.

One noticeable disadvantage is the dabbing process is similar to the smoking process of harder drugs such as crack. Many individuals find this process doesn’t lend itself well to improving the image of the cannabis industry. Fortunately, you can remedy this by using an e-rig or nectar collector.

THC and CBD concentrates are incredibly potent, with roughly a 50% to 80% THC potency. Some extracts can reach THC levels around 90% and greater! Those with a higher tolerance may benefit from these higher potencies but beginners and anyone with a lower tolerance should avoid them.

With these higher potencies, it can be more challenging to find the right dose for your needs. Those who are trying cannabis products containing THC may want to try another product first or use a concentrate with a lower potency.

The higher potency can increase your risk of developing a higher tolerance to THC and dependency. This condition is rare in most cannabis products containing less THC. Those with higher tolerances will need more THC to experience the same therapeutic effects.

In terms of medicinal use, your doctor will prescribe precise doses of medicinal marijuana or concentrates. Following your doctor’s prescribed dosages will decrease your risk of forming a dependency or building a high tolerance.

Concentrates also make it possible to overdose. You won’t die from overdosing on THC concentrates but the effects are much greater and unpleasant. Avoid this situation by using less potent concentrates and vaporizing a very small amount each time.

Avoid these negative effects by investing in high-quality concentrates and starting with a small dose.

Is Dabbing Right For You?

Is Dabbing Right For You

The benefits of dabbing are great for those looking for a cleaner and more effective way to inhale their favorite cannabis products. Dabbing gives you the option to enjoy a range of concentrates including CBD, THC, and Delta 8.

Learn more great ways to enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle in our latest Lifestyle and Health articles.

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