The ITC Grand Bharat is the new international resort in Hasanpur, Mewat dist. It has all the facilities to have a good time during your stay. The hotel has Wi-Fi and spa services, which will make your stay comfortable. A fitness center is also available here so that you can work out without any problems. There are also many luxury hotels available at this place, which makes staying at ITC Grand Bharat a real treat even more fun while visiting this city.

Advantages Of Staying In Luxury Hotels

International resort: You will be staying in an international resort. The hotel has been built to international standards and is equipped with all the amenities that you need to enjoy your stay. There are also several restaurants, bars, and lounges at the International Grand Bharat Resort & Spa.The food served here is of high quality and this helps guests feel relaxed even before they reach their rooms after a long journey or shopping spree.Other than that, you shall also get access to luxurious amenities and undoubtedly the best possible comfort. The representatives are extremely professional, well-spoken, humble, and cooperative. They make sure that you feel safe and heard, in terms of food, drinks, and other possible necessities.

Hotel Bookings

Spa: The spa at ITC Grand Bharat has a variety of treatments. You can choose from the sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi to get your body into shape. There is also a massage room where you can relax after an energetic day at work or in the city. The beauty salon offers facials that are designed to target different parts of your face depending on what you want it to do for you.The hair salon allows you to have any style done by one of their talented stylists so that they can give you exactly what look suits your face best. If this sounds like something that interests you then go ahead and take advantage as soon as possible.

Fitness center: The fitness center is open 24 hours and provides a variety of equipment for all kinds of activities. There are treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, and stair climbers that you can use to work out your body or burn calories. Additionally, there is also an indoor pool that provides hot tubs where you can relax after a long day at work or school.If you want personal instruction from someone who knows what they’re doing then don’t worry because the fitness center has personal trainers on staff who can help guide you through any concerns that may arise during your workout session.The sauna room offers relaxation after working up an appetite in the gym area; whereas steam rooms provide even more relaxation for those who simply need some time away from it all before heading back home again later tonight/this weekend.

Golf course: The golf course is a popular activity in the resort. It is a good place to relax and have fun with friends or family members. You can also meet new people because there are many activities that you can do here, including walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, or playing games with children living at ITC Grand Bharat resorts. If you want to exercise too then there are several options available for physical fitness enthusiasts like tennis courts and basketball courts which will help them stay fit throughout their stay at ITC Grand Bharat resorts.

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Restaurant and bar: The Restaurant and Bar are open 24 hours. It serves Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisine. The bar is also open till late in the evening. If you feel like having a drink with friends or family members, this is your place. You can order food at any given time of day (even if it’s lunchtime). There are many types of drinks available on their menu including alcoholic beverages such as whiskey or martinis made with gin or vodka etc., soft drinks such as Coke Zero, etc., and mocktails with fresh fruit juice blended into them along with some other ingredients like mint leaves added into it for garnish purposes.

Limousine service: The limousine service is available 24/7 and can be booked by calling the hotel. The limousine can be booked for a one-way trip or a round trip. It can also be booked for a specific time or duration.As soon as you enter the property, the attendants arrange special shutter services to give a proper tour of ITC. It ensures that you reach the destination with utmost comfort and ease. The most important advantage of the service is that you don’t have to walk around aimlessly with your possessions.

Business center and conference rooms available: The Grand Bharat ITC has a business center and conference rooms available to guests, which are located on the property. The business center offers a range of services such as laptop rental, faxing, and photocopying services.The center’s location is convenient to many locations in Pune city, including the airport and other attractions like museums and restaurants.

Avoid Costly Hotels And Resorts

The hotel has all the facilities to have a good time during your stay: The hotel has a wide range of exciting activities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, and spa center. If you feel tired after walking around the city or going on tour then there is no need to worry because ITC Grand Bharat has got everything that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. You will get all the luxury you want at this hotel as well as great food taste which makes it one of the best hotels in India with its outstanding service quality provided by professional staff members working here 24/7 days without any break so that they can satisfy every guest’s needs without fail.


If you are looking for a hotel with all the facilities and services, then ITC Grand Bharat is the best choice. You will get good food and accommodation at affordable rates. It is also an ideal place for business meetings or social gatherings. As mentioned above you will have a great experience altogether without any stressing about food, drinks, refreshments, and comfort. The services are cost-efficient and satisfying. So to have a great outing whether it’s official or recreational, ITC is the most convenient place for you.